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  1. ZzzCraft is a Attack Of the B-Team Survival Multiplayer Server (SMP). Its whitelisted with 20 slots on version 1.0.12b. This server has 99.9% up time and no LAG AT ALL after loads and loads of tests. Please fill out this application if you wish to join. Application: Age(13+): name(optional): Skype(must): Why you want to join: What your minecraft skills are e.g. Building,Redstone: IGN(in game name): Active Time(at least 2+hours most days): I will message you over Skype with the ip when you have been accepted. My Skype: Harrythelegend11 if you need to ask any questions. Hope to see you on, xXGAMELORDXx11
  2. Hi im gonna join the server but what update is it on? Minecraft Name:xXGAMELORDXx11
  3. i love you

    1. Melfice


      I'm sorry. You're just not my type.

    2. Valkon


      I think you laid it on a teensy bit thick there, old pal.

  4. I want to play on a attack of the b-team server but I cant set up one if you want friends to play with and a server plz make one and we can all play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! put your Skype name in: minecraft user name: plz replay I am your nan LOL
  5. If I Skype you ill join im 12 but I will be on the server with one of my friends if that's ok I I will send you message on Skype See you later my homies :-)
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