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  1. In fact, I havn't been active in the Modding Community since 1.5.2 or so
  2. I think HE will think about it if the Hexxit-makers mail him (;
  3. Hello, I have some Suggestions: Since the 1.7.10 seems to be remade from Scratch, meaning that importing old world saves isn't necessary, I would like to suggest you some awesome Mods to add to the atmosphere: Primitive Mobs: awesome new Mobs, all Vanilla-ish Mo' Creatures: pretty popular, you should know what this does Smeltable Gravel: Makes Gravel give Flints by Smelting Ropes Plus: Should definitely be kept NetherOres: spawns Vanilla Ores in the Nether Mutant Creatures: To add to the Awesomeness of Hexxit epic Bossfights Minions: Evil Slaves that help you mine Mo' Zombies: Mo' Zombies!! HopperDucts: Just random Addition Archimedes Ships: Just epic Farlanders: some more Diversity to the Worl I have tried all this Mods with their 1.5.2 version on a Hexxit Server, and everyone found them an awesome Addition, mostly Primitive Mobs, Mutant Creatures, Minions and Mo' Creatures
  4. Hello our there!!! I have put together a modpack in the technic laucncher, tested it with te native vanilla in technic launcher, and even got it to download into my PC. So ithought it was all working, opened it from technic launcher. It loads very long at the mojang logo, but I think thats OK because I have got nearly 90 mods installed. Then I wanted to create a world which has worked perfectly when testing on native vanilla. Now it stucks on the dirt background with "building terrain" or something. When I waited, it did work after some time (only once), but then the game itself was laggy, taking ages to open any (chest) inventory and building new chunks. Now my question is: How do I get to fix it (It´s a modpack for me and my friends making a server on nitrado)? Is there another solution than deleting some mods, because for the modpack it would be very nice if all mods could stay and I would realy fu ing hate it to redesign it over and over to find the perfect lag rate) (It is not because from my computer, because on native vanillia it has worked perfectly) Mod´s list: My Specs: Acer Aspire 7750G Intel core i5 2,3 Ghz 4 Gig RAM 64bit If you could write me back, there are some more infos: I´m probably going to delete artifice, and morebiomesxl (or sth like that) If I´m havingf any other expensive mods, please write me some of the most RAM-taking ones....
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