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  1. Age: (No age limit) 14 Ign:Badkidzz2012 Are you a experience Aotbt player?:yes Why do you want to join the server?:im looking for a small helpful community with no banned items Skype:ill tell you in a message
  2. IGN:Badkidzz2012 NAME(OPTIONAL):Jamie AGE:15 LOCATION:NYS JOB?no SMOKE? DRINK?no NIGHT OWL/ EARLY BIRD?Night OWl Know any good seeds to use for a map?nope Know any good mods that we could add to AotBT?nope Tell a little about yourself: im a gamer, i like to skateboard, and im a pretty chill guy
  3. ign:Badidzz2012 age:14 gender:m why you wan't to join:needing a server thats not down all the time skype (optional but helpful to us):ill send you a msg of it if i get accepted
  4. i cant get on the server im on 9c is that the right version its saying bad login
  5. IGN-Badkidzz2012 Age-15 Skype- ill tell you if im added Avg Playtime- Whenever i can I want to join because i need a server Yes I will follow the rules
  6. Minecraft name: Badkidzz2012 Why you want to join:i need a server to play on Minecraft strengths: building, mining, adventuring Minecraft Weaknesses: getting my stuff back after death How often you will be on: as much as possible
  7. Minecraft name:Badkidzz2012 Age (preferred 18+ as mature language is allowed on the server, as long as it is not insulting)15 Why you want to join:I want a fun server with a fun community Your greatest Minecraft strengths Building Your Minecraft Weaknesses Redstone How often you will be on As often as i can
  8. IGN:Badkidzz2012 Age:14 Youtube (Optional): What you are good at: Building Why should I pick you/why do you want to join:you should pick me because im familier with most of these mods and i want to join because im looking for a community i would enjoy playing with Time Zone:EST Skype:jamie.plaisted1 please dont notify me on there tho notify me on here
  9. 1. How old are you (optional) 14 Or older 14 2. Your IGN: Badkidzz2012 3. Whats your skype: Jamie.plaisted1 also if you could pm me instead id be able to know if im in alot faster 4. Why you want to join: in need of a nice friendly server thats up alot 5. Have you been banned from any other servers: no 6. When can you play?: after school 7. What makes you think you should be added to the server?: im a good builder a good person if you are on my good side and a helpful person
  10. IGN:Badkidzz2012 Age:14 What do you like to do: build mine and adventure What do you dislike:getting back to my stuff when i die What do you like to do in real life: skate and game Time zone, nearest city if you don't know: EST
  11. Hey serv.could you try to get the server up by tomorrow morning. Im working on getting my computer up by tomorrow and im hoping to get on there
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