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  1. Ingame name: crusader_x How long you have played mc/b-team: about a year for minecraft and a little after the b-team pack came out i started playing it How often you play mc/b-team:for the most part often for both but i have school and a few other games that i like/need to do so not as often as i like Age: 13 Other information: i am currently working on finding a good recording software to make video's (i'm gonna try and be a youtuber + two of my friends are).there are three types of minecrafters pvpers, griefers, and people like me the peaceful ones.
  2. Name: crusader_x Age: 13 but mature for my age Why would you want to join this server: the server's i go on are public and i get griefes, raded, pvped (i hate pvp), and most importantly rudeness. if i got on this server the spawn city would be lovley, wait even butiful isnt describe my work, al you will need to do is tell me what you need me to build and it will look butiful
  3. Your minecraft username crusader_x One interesting fact about you: 7th grade but the most mature in my class (my class is the secod worst class in the grade and school (im not part of the im-mature people) Best thing you think you have built in vanilla: a giant library lambrinth Best thing you have built using mods: i really never did anything to that potential what kind of minecrafter are you: builder, (modded) everything not to brag but i am the goto guy for info about mods in my family
  4. ign: crusader_x honestly i hate the public server's that anyine can join and can grief so please take that in consideration
  5. IGN: Age: 13 Skype:crusader1121 Did You Read The Rules: do you really take me as someone that does that? btw thankyou for the no pvp unless both people agree Why Do You Want To Join The Server: the servers that i go on are alway's down and i hate, just absolutely hate, public server's where anyone is able to greif,pvp, and be rude in general. so please take it in consideration for me How Much Do You Know About This Modpack: even though im only a noob to this i know much about many of the mods. Gender: male Btw my username is the same as this accout name
  6. IGN:crusader_x SKYPE:crusader1121 AGEi'd rather not say Why you want to join the server: honestly im tired of big public server's and their greifing but this would be my chance for a new try
  7. 1.minecraft name: crusader_x 2. Youtube Channel: Garrett King (im working on getting a recording system) 3. Willing To do letsplay: of course 4.Age: 13 5.Make quality content: duno yet but i would say good i have high frames and a good mic 6.accept to prank and be pranked: who wouldnt? 7.No griefers: seriously? do you have to put that there? of course not
  8. 1. How old are you? 13 2. Where do you live? usa 3. Are you new to mods? [Yes or no] no 4. What do you plan on doing on the server? build and help people out 5. How much do you play? alot 6. Do you record for youtube? going to 7. What is your Skype name? [this is a requirement] crusader1121 8. Have you been banned from a server before? If Yes, why was you banned? no 9. Why do you want to join my server? i want a nice small server where everyone is accepted and no one is treated poorly 10. Do you accept the rules? ya i hate sensless
  9. Minecraft username: crusader_x Where you found this server? '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> Why you want to be on this sever? i want a nice community where everyone and thing is respected What are you planning on doing on the server? build great monuments and stuff like that (and the advansed genetics) Your favourite colour? Black, Blue, and Purple btw it's my birthday today
  10. i'd like to join because many servers i go on do not let me build to my greatest extent and many other's take them down. if you add me i would be a great builder in the community. honestly i agree with endless i to have once been about to be admin but the restart happened and my proof of being a good help vanished. and i love real nice pranks. please add me. my in game name is crusader_x if i get in just try and add me on skype: crusader1121
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