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  1. IGN: cielly Age: 16 years old Why you would like to join: To play ATOBT, short and sweet. I really enjoy server gameplay and have way too many ideas to contribute to the community, and seeing that you are a good admin able to maintain a stable community, I believe this would be a nice place to start!
  2. In-Game Name: cielly Age: 16 years Why do you want to play on this server: I have a lot of cool building plans and my previous server is never open anymore. Plus, most of them need other people and would benefit a greater community! What DO you like to do (Build, Mine, etc.): Building usually, though exploring and gathering rare items is irresistible as well. Finding distinct ways to integrate mods is also quite fun. What DON’T you like to do: Not much of anything. Dealing with forge microblocks is a bother but I'll probably end up dealing with it sooner or later. Grinding levels is also a b
  3. AOBT server down = what do I do now

  4. Username: cielly Interesting fact: I own and can ride a longboard which I love to death Best vanilla build: I made Howl's Moving Castle once! Best modded build: Finished a spa in space the other day, complete with a working solar farm. Minecraft style: builder and collector
  5. IGN: cielly Age: 16 y/o Skype: can pm if needed Average time you'll be on the server: Anywhere from 2-6 hours a day, usually weekends because homework is killer Will you follow the rules? absolutely!
  6. IGN: cielly Age: 16 y/o Reason for wanting to join: I'm in love with this modpack - need say more? I'd really like to try out new, one-of-a-kind building ideas and integrating the mods together. Looking through your rules, I think this server would be a good place to do that because elsewhere I'd be afraid someone would come and destroy everything. Besides that, I'm just looking to mess around with mods and maybe a couple of people along the way. favorite mod: Some kinda tie between Artifice, Biomes o Plenty, and Natura... I'm an absolute sucker for new biomes, plants, crops, passive mobs, an
  7. up next: space SPA?! (AOBT pride)

  8. Your IGN: cielly Your age: 16 y/o A short blurb about why you want to play on this server: I'd like to join this server to actually enjoy community gameplay, for the most part. From what I've seen, this modpack is one that can be experienced best with other people to mess with or explore alongside. I love the building and farming aspect of minecraft alone and would like to savor all that the mods offer with other people to enjoy it with. I look forward to having a tight-knit community with a player-based economy and all that fun stuff, as well as delving into all of the craziness that comes wi
  9. My IGN is cielly - short and sweet! Age bracket 15-20. My timezone is EST, from beautiful New Jersey (haha not). I'd like to join this server because I'm absolutely addicted to this modpack thanks to Chim, Genny, and Bdubs. While my single player endeavors are fun, I think a server is needed for the full experience. Your server seems well-kept and mature, which is a definite plus. All in all, I'm just looking for a cool place to actually enjoy the game and work alongside other talented players, which your server seems to provide. Thanks for the consideration!
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