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  1. IGN: AMC_TunnelRat Age: 17 Timezone: Pacific About you: I would love to play on your b team server! I could provide a lot for the community and this one looks great. Thanks!
  2. Age: 17 IGN: AMC_TunnelRat Skype: AMC_TunnelRat Youtube Channel: Don't have one How often will you play? Probably close to once a day, for maybe 2 hours. Are you willing to play fair?: Of course! Will you respect other builds and players?: Again, of course! Thanks!
  3. IGN: AMC_TunnelRat Age: 17 Fave color for starter kit: Blue or Red Timezone/Country: Pacific, US Thanks!
  4. How long have you played Minecraft? B-Team? Played minecraft for about a year now, around 1.5, B-team since the first few weeks it was introduced. Age? 17 Have you been staff before? Yes, on a vanilla server as a moderator. How often will you come online? Once a day for sure, if not more. Any other skills? I'm good at breaking up disagreements that could lead to some bad arguments on the server. Why do you deserve the position? I can help maintain the quality of people on the server, and make sure nothing bad happens when you're not on. Anything else? I would not like to be a builder, lo
  5. IGN: AMC_TunnelRat Age: 17 Favorite Mod: Tinkers and Flans! Favorite thing to do in Minecraft: Experiment and try to develop new automated things. (redstone ) Building ability on Scale of 1 to 10: 6-7, depends on what im building. I really excel in interior building and designing. Time Zone: Pacific UHC? Yes!
  6. Hey SuddenOrgasm! the server is amazing, but my only concern with the survival server is no flans! I was talking to some of the members and a lot of people were really wanting flans to be unbanned from it, so if it is ok and there is no harm, I'm sure a bunch of us would really enjoy having guns. Maybe if grenades and the explosives are a problem, just ban those? not the guns? Well, thanks!
  7. Minecraft Username? AMC_TunnelRat Age? 17. Do you use Skype? Yes, I do, although I would rather send you my Skype username in private. Favorite mod? Probably Flans and Witchery. Voodoo and guns baby. Thanks!
  8. I would post this in the AOTB server section. Good luck finding a server!
  9. Thank you very much Nath. I sure WE ALL appreciate the update and the news.
  10. Me as well! I offered as well, but was given no response. Don't give up on it yet guys. im sure itll play out.
  11. The number of applicants accepted is now slowing down. The server is filling up and from now on the owner is going to be picky when choosing. Thanks! And as of the moment, it does look like the server is down.
  12. You sure ven? I am having no trouble at all right now. Maybe its an internet problem?
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