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  1. This may help. '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
  2. So you try to launch your favorite modpack from the technic launcher. It verifies all the files and does its thing when, suddenly the technic launcher just reappears as if minecraft had exited. Other modpacks work, but not this one. Heres why: the launcher creates log files everytime you launch the modpack. For some reason it can only get up to 100 log files (100 launches). Your solution: delete them. 1.Navigate to your technic installation. For windows Vista, 7, and 8 its default is: C:Users<Your account>appdataroaming.technicmodpacks<the broken modpack> (You may have to unh
  3. ENDerrrDRAGON I want to join because I want to work peacefully on the mods and building. 15 I know the mod pack very well and am deep into Galacticraft, Advanced Genetics, and Dino mods. Yes, but am often mission-oriented and dislike being interrupted. I depends on what kind of a joke. Taking my stuff or griefing, for example I take very seriously. I can't really tell if someone is joking unless I see facial expressions (which I can't on Minecraft) or if they type LOL.
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