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  1. Trying to think of things to suggest, but this bit is throwing me off a little - when you say it wont connect right, does this mean the server wont connect to the internet or any local network if you're running one , wont start the operating system, or the minecraft server program wont start up?
  2. Found a bit of a problem, may be related to what Mirac encountered - my advanced portal seemed to be stuck on, while trying to shut it off (i should've just broken it...) i went through and am now getting kicked everytime i try to get back on. shnoop, could you turn my portal off or break it if needed and move me somewhere in my house please? i'll be getting off for a bit right now so no rush on doing that anytime soon if server would need to be shut down to do so
  3. ....squids breathe in water...moon is not water....even in oxygen gear, you still drown in water on the moon....i think somewhere along the lines, someone's logic became a bit flawed
  4. Ingame Name: lunarembrace (all lowercase) Age: 25 Why you want to join: Looking for a whitelisted server with a small friendly community thats hopefully online later evenings/nights Skype: I have skype, but would prefer not posting it on a public forum. i can private message my skype name if needed. How well do you know this mod pack: Very well, I've played with nearly all of the mods for quite a while. Do you agree to the rules? Yes
  5. IGN: lunarembrace (all lowercase) REAL FIRST NAME: Fiona CONTACT: I have skype and such but prefer not posting it on a public forum. AGE:25 LOCATION: USA-EAST COAST Pros: I know the mods quite well, i generally get along with people easily, and i tend to wander off and keep to myself as not to disturb others. Cons: Due to life issues, i tend to randomly go afk, sometimes quite often. Hoping new people are still being accepted, i'm looking mostly for a late night server (preferably one thats kept up 24/7) that isnt always down like most others i've come across.
  6. Application: IGN: lunarembrace (all lowercase) Why you would be a good addition to the server: I know all of the mods quite well and i generally try to be helpful. Age: 25 Searching mostly for a late night server as i'm busy during the day, hoping this one is up 24/7 and fairly active.
  7. End of stream usually indicates a connection error or break between the client and server. From what I've heard the server hardware is just fine, the lag and disconnect issues seem to all be connection related.
  8. Falling through the world is a sync issue, just give it a moment or 3 and you'll pop back up where you should be. I think the server could use a restart though, i've been getting terrible block lag, mob lag, and disconnects several times for about 2 hours now.
  9. The dispute was the server owner's younger brother, who was an admin, griefed my house and i asked for my items returned and house fixed. They were using a protection plugin, so only someone able to bypass it would've been able to touch the place i also caught the guy going through my chests while holding creeper eggs. The owner's brother told him i was lying, trying to get free items, and was then banned for "trying to abuse staff" As for roleplay experience, i've done a bit through text but never actually ingame.
  10. ======Joining server application====== Minecraft username: lunarembrace (all lowercase) Age: 25 Why you want to play on this server: I've been watching generikb and bdoubleo for quite a while, wanted to give the modpack a try. How you found this server: Searching for servers on the technic forums. Have you been banned from other servers, if so why?: i've been banned once from a vanilla server back during the minecraft beta, it was a personal dispute with the server owner. How well do you know the mods?: I know most of them quite well, new to galacticraft and witchery though. How ofte
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