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  1. Leave a comment of what i can improve on the server. We are new and we want to build a big community!
  2. Pack URL: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/crimeincmodpack.337863 Server IP: crimeinc.joinmc.eu In this server you try to earn money, sell alcoholic beverages, get a nice house, kill people and be rich. Our server has a unique map: it has a noobmine (non-pvp) and a outer mine (pvp) where you can get resources. You can sell your resources at the noobmine. We also have houses which you can rent: there are noobhouses (cheap but only for 3 days), shops (cheap and for 7 days), modern houses and big towers (expensive but for 7 days). There also guns, but not all guns are permitted. We banned the guns that are too OP, for your own good. The AK-74 is not banned, but his recipe is deleted. This gun will only be available for Swat+ (see further down). You cannot shoot people in the safezone. If you are in the outer zone, you can shoot people and you can be killed. Watch out! Then we have the 'Alcoholic Market'. Here you can sell alcoholic beverages such as wine, sake and ale. This is how you earn money on the server! You can also find there stuff to get started with brewing them. The items you can buy are: rice, grapes, hops and nether wart. In our server we have police men who protect the server. If they see you shooting at a player, in safezone or in outer zone, they have the permission to kill you! You have the right to shoot at them, but watch out, they have armor that you can't get and they use the AK-74, what you also can't get. What a policeman needs to do: - Kill people that kill other people. DO NOT KILL PEOPLE THAT ARE JUST WALKING IN THE OUTER ZONE! - You may kill people that are at the Alcoholic Market, BUT ONLY DURING THE DAY! - Write the persons that you killed in a book with a reason (you can find it at the bottom floor of the police station), write your name in the book, so we can see who killed him and put it in the archive. What you get when you are a policeman: - Your very own room - 500 Chromes per 1 kill - A complete armor set, including the AK-74 with 20 mags. (There are item spawners, so you will not run out of mags and armor) - Your very own SWAT car. (Your car can be broken by players if you're not in the driver seat, so watch out!) If you want to be a policeman, apply like so: Unfortunately, you can't apply for a policeman yet. We need at least ten regular players on the server before we hire policemen. Thanks! Applied Energistics Bibliocraft CodeChickenCore CoFHCore Damage Indicators Flans (Modern Weapons, Manus Civil Package) Food Plus GrowthCraft (Hops, Grapes, Rice, Core, Cellar) Inventory Tweaks MrCrayfish's Furniture NotEnoughItems RoadWorks Thermal Expansion Zans Minimap 1. Open Your launcher 2. Click on 'Add Modpack' in the left scrollbar. 3. Go to our modpack page (link at the top of this forum post) 4. Copy the modpack link and paste it in the specified input. 5. Then click 'Add Modpack'. Launch the game and add the ip at the top of this forum post and you're done! Keralis - Some houses we used Yarne/zero2one & Niels/MaestroRS - For making the server Cemali/Scolar_CS - For making his 'tricky' riddle
  3. I added Modern Weapons and cars into the server! Now you can start your own crime :p
  4. The server is crashing every ~2hours, and then i have to wait 30 min when the server is back up. Please do something as it is not funny anymore.
  5. Well, im considering to upgrade my server from 1.5gb to 2gb due to out of memory, it will cost me more, but jeah, thats life :p
  6. Uuuh, weird. I'll take a look at it. EDIT: Fixed now? EDIT2: I removed my pack, and tried to download it again, it works here. Idk what the problem is..
  7. Matter Cannon TNT TNT Minecart Tiny TNT Spatial Pylon Spatial IO Port SPAMR Launcher Ammunition SPAMR Launcher
  8. For me griefing is more destroying a house completely/half. But breaking 1 block, i think thats more a warning. Btw, all the itens that can grief in protected zones, are disabled.
  9. NEW MOD! I added my own mod called 'Chrome Block'. It adds a block that you can sell at the market for a good price! And with that money, you can buy stuff at the admin shop! DO NOT PLACE THE BLOCK! ELSE THE SERVER WILL CRASH! RECIPE: Ob Ob Ob Iro Iro Iro Ob Ob Ob Ob = Obsidian Iro = Iron Ingot Oh yes, as you can see at the title, i added Modern Weapons to get some action in the server! If you die, you wont lose any stuff, keepInventory is set to true ;)/> Have fun bad guys :P/> --------------------------------- IF you have idconflicts, try this: Open "Run" and type %appdata%. A window will open Go to .technic, not .minecraft!! Go to modpacks -> chromepack -> config -> Open FlansMod.cfg with Notepad++ or just Notepad. You will see a similar line like I:"Crafting Table"=4095 Change that ID to 1700 and youre done! Now you can play happily without errors! :D/> --------------------------------- Please leave in the comments below what you think about our server, thanks! ChromeCraft is a very new tekkit server created by MaestroRS and zero2one. We are still improving the server and are looking for some motivated players who will love this small, new server and help it grow bigger and faster. Modlist: Applied Energistics Buildcraft Cars and Drives Computercraft 1.62 Chrome Block Damage Indicators Ender Storage Flans Mod with Modern Weapons IndustrialCraft2 - Experimental MapWriter (Minimap) Minefactory Reloaded NotEnoughItems OpenComputers ProjectRed Redstone Arsenal Thinkers Construct Thermal Expansion Universal Electricity Waila Modpack: On our server we use our own custom created modpack "ChromePack". You can download the pack by copying this url (not the code, only the url!) : http://www.technicpa...pack/chromepack Go to your launcher, click "Add new modpack" and paste it in the specified input. Let the launcher download the pack and there you go! Then you need to connect to the following IP: chromecraft.joinmc.eu Thats it. You can now join the server and play! Screenshots of the spawn: Some screenshots of my gang house "Veloce" and the road in the jungle: Extra Information: This server is very new. Expect a little downtime here and there due to adding/changing/modifying plugins, permissions, ranks, ... You can also support our server by buying things at "kromekraft.buycraft.net" And don't expect that im coming on the server every day due to school and such. Me and my friend paid for this server and i hope you appreciate our hard work, so feel free to donate to keep the server alive. IMPORTANT! If you join and there is nobody online, please, dont quit immediatly, try getting resources and survive, i live in a different timezone so im not the whole time online or when im sleeping you guys are joining the server, sorry for that. Just try to have fun :)/> Keep the server alive by donating to our PayPal! https://www.paypal.c...d=7X6XYWTBMZXEJ Thanks for reading this post. Enjoy our server!
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