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  1. n Game Name*: WaffleBytez Skype: kylebrunner10 Do you want to be in the skype group?: yes Age*: 15 Maturity Level(1-10)*: 8
  2. Hi my name is kyle, im 14. Skype- kyle brunner IGN- yummy98669 3 years US im very mature for my age.
  3. Hi my name is kyle I live in the us and I would love to join ur server dude pls post the ip for me Skype_ kyle brunner if u want to msg me.
  4. O PLS CAN U WHITELIST ME ON THIS SERVER?! IGN) yummy98669 location) US ive been playing for 3 years and I enjoy building and making friends.
  5. hey idk much about mod issues but I play on a server with a few friends but this morning I logged on and tried to break a block and I couldn't. I went on other mod packs and everything was fine so I don't know the problem could you help me?
  6. hey can somebody give me access to a server that they will let me play on!? -Thx
  7. Can somebody start working on updating the TEKKIT CLASSIC mudpack for 1.6.4 so there can be LAN playpls!?
  8. when do you think the build update will be out as recommended build for 1.0.10
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