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  1. Name (No last name, please) Bill Username: LaserClan Skype (optional) Airbending Sheep on Facebook (Long story...) Age: 16 2 reasons why do you like to play AOTBT: Community Building Building Projects Love the Mods (P.S. I teared a little when I saw this, the last two server I played closed down after 3 weeks or so. I got so invested and then got really frustrated. Just one thing, if you plan to close the server, can you send everyone the map?)
  2. Application: Name (Username): LaserClan & 1j4k7 (Two Friends Applying) IGN: Don't have an account Skype: laserphantom1.0 (Prefer to be contacted through Tehinc account) Youtube: No Age: 17 Why Do you want to join?: Wanna build awesome projects and build a hermitcraft like community Anythinge Else?: Nope, Thank you
  3. Age: LaserClan & 1j4k7 (Two Friends Applying) Youtube (Optional): No Youtube History What you are good at: City Building, Attack of the B Team Why should I pick you/why do you want to join: Just Two Friends Applying to Play in a Small Server, Want to Build a Hermitcraft Like Server Time Zone: Eastern Time Zone Skype: laserphantom1.0 Thank You
  4. Username: LaserClan & 1j47k (Two Friends Applying) Country: U.S. Age: In College (Not Telling) How often do we play?: Likely 2- 3 Hours per day, depending on workload What time(s) are we on?: 3 pm - 10 pm How long have we played Minecraft?: Had it since aplha Have we played any modpacks?: Yes, Attack of the B-Team, FTB, Tekkit, Voltz, Hexxit (Basically a Mods Junkie) No Youtube History, just two friends Additional Info: Just wanna join a Hermitcraft like server, wanna build a awesome community and make friends.
  5. i think its time, if its not up for another week, then all hope is lost
  6. Name: (In game) LaserClan Age: >14 (not saying anymore) Why?: want to join a hermitcraft like server P.S. appreciate it if you would curse less
  7. In Game Name: LaserClan Skype Name: laserphantom1.0 Love to join your server XD
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