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  1. IGN: Rjgomez6 Reason I want to join: I think Attack of the B-Team is really fun when I was watching Keralis play. I started playing singleplayer but i was really board playing by myself, so I decided i want to play on a friendly, whitelisted server. Age:14 Favorite Mod: Carpenters Blocks and Project Red Favorite thing to do in Minecraft: Build amazing things with friends and trying to invent things Building Ability: 7 Time Zone: Pacific Do you want to participate in the UHC?: Yes, it sounds fun!
  2. Hi, Im Ryan and I would like to join your server because I was looking for an attack of the b team server with a small amount of players. I know about most of the mods. Im pretty smart ( at least I think) and im pretty good at redstone. IGN: Rjgomez6 I hope you will accept me. Thanks for your time! :)
  3. IGN: Rjgomez6 Age: 13 Location: Florida, USA Why do you wan't to join?: I don't like playing alone and I like working in a team with other people. Do you accept the server rules?: Yes; I do.
  4. IGN: Rjgomez6 I want to play on this server because it has good rules and i like working together with other people. BTW u have a cool profile picture.
  5. IGN: Rjgomez6 reason to join?: I love attack of the b-team but i hate playing by myself. I was looking for a server where everyone worked toghether. favorite mod?:Advanced Genetics and Thinkers construct Age: 14 My Birthday is tomorrow. Youtube: None Skype: No
  6. IGN: Rjgomez6 Age: 13 Why do u want to join this server?: I'm looking for a server with little people that works together. Explorer, Builder, or Crafter?: I'm an Explorer What do you expect from this server?: A server with 10-25 people that works together and builds cool stuff. Are you going to record?: Probobly Not. Are you willing to donate? If i like the server once I join it, Yes. Are you good at building? Kind of but im better at getting materials quickly. How much do you know about this modoack? A lot i know about most of the mods.
  7. Age 13 Rjgomez6 Every day Very fair. I like helping people and working together. Yes. I will always respect people.
  8. Rjgomez6 Im looking for a server with little people no PVP and team work.
  9. Im looking for a server with -20 people to play on. No PVP and Griefing and its up at least 12 hrs a day. My minecraft username is Rjgomez6. Thx for ur time guys. I hope someone has a good server for me.
  10. IGN: Rjgomez6 Age: 15-20 T Z: EST Why This Server: i was looking for a server with little people so we can all work together. I hope you will accept me thanks for your time. - Ryan
  11. IGN: Rjgomez6 Favorite Mod: Thinkers Construct Builder, Explorer, or Tech?: I'm a little bit tech, but I'm mostly adventurer. Mod Knowledge: I know about a lot about Thinkers Construct, Carpenters blocks, qCraft, Food Plus, and Galacticraft. I also know little about other mods, but I have time to do research about mods. Age: 13 Youtube: No.
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