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  1. Age: 15 (I know i'm only 15 but i'm not stupid, i'm quite big for my age 6ft 2 and a rugby player. I hate people stealing and griefing, I don't get what's so fun about taking other peoples things which they have worked hard on. However I don't mind a prank) IGN: DuckBanger (can't wait to change it in the future updates) Why?: I would just like to play on a server with people that I can trust and have a good laugh with. I feel that the only option for me to do this is by joining your server. I love the single player but would love to get the full experience with multi-player Skype
  2. igm: DuckBanger age: 15 gender: male why you wan't to join: I play tonnes of single player and are constantly watching bdubs' videos and I love it all and although single player is good I don't feel like I'm getting the full experience skype (optional but helpful to us): Edward.priestley69 ( sorry for immaturity it was created a few years ago) I hope I can be one of the lucky few to be part of the server Many thanks Ed
  3. Name: Edward ( everyone calls me Ed) Age: 15 In-Game name: DuckBanger Skype Account name: edward.priestley69 (sorry for the immaturity I created it a few years back) How much do you know about the Modpack: a lot, I play tonnes of single player and are constantly watching bdubs' videos and I love it all Why should i pick you: Because I am a mature guy wanting to get the best gaming experience. I'd say I'm good at redstone and if my friends are stuck they always get me in to help and I'd love to help other people. I just want to have fun and meet new people Are you a Adventure/Builder/Craf
  4. IGN: DuckBanger Reason of wanting to join: I've recently got heard and got into attack of the b-team and its good on single player but i would like a better experience and I believe that will come from playing with others Your favourite mod: Tinkers Construct Age: Just turned 15 Youtube: I have no plans on uploading videos, if i ever want to however i will be sure to inform you before doing so Skype: Yes, love using skype to talk to people during games I just really want to be part of a server that is reliable and maybe ge
  5. IGN: DuckBanger Age: 15 What do you like to do?: Game and doing sport What do you dislike: cooking and cleaning, mainly public attack of the b-team servers What do you like to do in real life?: play rugby do physics and chemistry and obviously game Time Zone = GMT, I live in England hope i am one of the lucky few that is able to join this server and i hope to hear from you soon
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