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  1. User name: Todster23 Age: 45 Location: At sea lol How often: 12 to 18 hours a day How long have you played: 7 or 8 months Played Mod pack: yes, started with vanilla, then FTB ultimate, then FTB unleashed, then AOTBT. Have gotten good at most of the different mods. Like the challenges of AOTBT. I haven't posted any videos, but have watched plenty lol
  2. Todster23 Technicpack Forum I would like a server where I can build and not have to worry about people killing you and taking your stuff. I enjoy helping the community if they ask me a question. It is suppose to be fun. Blue
  3. Hello Surviox, I'm 44 Favorite Tinker Didn't youtube Would just like to play your server. Skype Todster23
  4. Is there an opening in the server? I would like to play if possible. Todster23
  5. If another spot comes available please consider me. I'm very experience and enjoy teaching. I don't like factions or stealing. Todster23
  6. 1. I'm 44 2. I live in Jacksonville,FL 3. I'm very familiar with almost all mods in both FTB and Attack of the B-Team 4. I enjoy building making mod work with other mods. I all so enjoy helping other that ask. 5. 12 to 18 hours a day 6. I don't know how to post videos 7. I don't have a Skype name but if I need an account I will make one. 8. Never been banned 9. I've been playing for about 7 months in single player mod, I would like a mature community to play and learn. 10. I agree 100% with all rules 11. My minecraft name is Todster23
  7. I'm new to this forum and online minecraft. I've been playing single player FTB and Attack of the B-Team for about 8 months. I'm looking for a good server to play on. I don't know how to make or post videos but I do enjoy helping people make their creation work.
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