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  1. Age: (If younger than 20 please explain your personality type.) 17 yes i am still a teen but i will say im very mature for my age i do have my life planned out when i get out of high school and im a serious type i like people to take me serious and not play around when not its not appropriate, im looking for a mature group of people to play with and ive always have hung around people that are way older then me than hang with people that are my age Experience: (Like I said before, not very important.) ive played over alot with these mods very well known with them How often you'll be p
  2. Application: 1. In Game Name:Brutalgreg 2. Age:17 3. Experience with AOTBT: use to play on a coupe servers but they were shut down (reasons why i wasnt included in that news) 4. Skype Name:Anthony Scott Forsberg 5. Personality: Laid back, gets things done; get angry when things are not being enforced 6. Good at Building?: Pretty good at building, more into the medieval builds 7. Why should you be accepted?: i am a pretty nice guy and i am really good at teaching how to use mods if people dont know how to use and i want to be in a good gaming atmosphere and it feels like this serv
  3. Age:17 IGN: Brutalgreg Skype: Have one but uses my full name i can send a message to u if u rlly want it Youtube Channel (If you have one): no how often will you play on the server? as much as i can i have alot of free time are you willing to play fair? yes i would play fair cheating sucks!!!
  4. What is your in game name? Brutalgreg Why would you like to join our server? ive been looking for a good server play with and i feel like this server is top par or what im looking for and it seems that this server that has a crowd of mature people and thats what im looking for i honest person and trustworthy How old are you? 17 years of age What can you bring to the server? i can bring any teaching of the mods i know atleast over half of them, im a great builder Are you Friendly? im pretty friendly a guy that is easy to make friends with Can you take a joke? yes i can take a joke Can
  5. IGN: Brutalgreg AGE: 17 Knowledge of this mod pack on 1-10 scale: about a 7 Why do you want to join?: looking for good people to play with and i do need a little more knowledge about the mod pack and i think this server will provide and im also a very mature person very honest and helpful with all things
  6. XxR3ALxX when will we be white-listed onto the server so we will be able to join?
  7. IGN(in game name): Brutalgreg Reason of wanting to join: Looking to play with mature people that i can rely on and have fun.. since other servers always have griefing and i don't appreciate that and i feel i can get my closure with this server Your favorite mod: all mods are my favorite i can not chose between one Age:(optional but you should be 15):17 years of age and very mature Skype account(yes or no, it wont hurt your chances of joining): Anthony.scott.forsberg
  8. Username:Brutalgreg Skype:anthony scott forsberg Age:17 Timezone:Central Why you want to be on the server: Reason why i want to join is because i"m looking for some good people to play with and i know i can count on to have fun and not be greifing with each other ect i believe i would fit well with you and your friends i am a very kind and willing person very honest and very mature.
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