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  1. IGN:lilhmongboii Youtube(if you record): not recording Age(16 & up please): 20 Favorite B-Teamer: Chimneyswift!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! skype or email: omgrawrthomas will you donate?: Willing to donate to the server is i do like it. Also if the donations will be going towards upgrading the server. Whats my favorite color?: blue! Are you dedicated?: if community is friendly and everyone gets along just fine. Then yes. (:
  2. IGN: lilhmongboii Age: 20 What makes you want to join this server? Well I've been searching for a server to play AoTBT because playing by yourself is pretty boring..... It'd also be nice to make new friends and playing a great game with others, instead of playing by yourself. What could you bring to the server? I'm not sure what i can bring to the server physically. But as a person I'm very sociable and willing to help anyone with the best of my abilities. Skype: as you stated above it will be given upon acceptance through a PM. (:
  3. Hey! would love to join, if there's still spots available. (: IGN : lilhmongboii AGE: 20~
  4. IGN:Lilhmongboii First Name:Thomas Skype: i believe it is omgrawrthomas Age: 20 What you enjoy doing in AotBT: Honestly just building and creating things, making hard tasks become easy tasks. Most importantly write a paragraph: Long Ago there once was a king. Now, he was no ordinary king. This King, was a special King. He ruled all of Cheeselandia. Cheeselandia was a place of peace, it was a place of hope, and above all a place where dreams can come true! His name you may ask? High King molds-alot... among his people he was the oldest, the most wisest of all cheeselandians. BUT! He had an older brother. Now this brother wanted power, he wanted more than just cheeselandia. He wanted to rule the cheese Nebula. untill next time my cheeseians.
  5. Ign: Lilhmongboii Age:20 Why should you be white-listed: I should be white-listed because of reasons... The reasons being if anyone needs help ill be glad to help. If you don't understand something ill try my best to help you understand it. All of this is of course to the best of my abilities. Also i would love to meet new new people and make new friends. Have you ever ban banned or greifed?: I've never been banned and i have been griefed before and it seriously sucks losing everything you worked hard for.... Anything else we should know?: i love food and minecraft and games...
  6. 1. How long have you been playing Minecraft? I've been playing since Beta...... 2. What is your age? 20... 3.Have you ever been banned from any server? If yes, why? I've never been banned before. 4. What skills can you bring to the server? Are you good at any mods? Food.. do you like food? chus i can make food.. just need the ingredients. In all seriousness I think tinkers construct and thermal expansions are what I understand the most. So i guess if anyone needs help with either of those i can help out greatly. 5.Tell us a little about yourself. Anything cool you do for fun, hobbies, and any other things you have of interest to tell us. This is where you have some fun. =) First off i will tell my name if I'm whitelisted... sorry not one to just post my name anywhere on a public forum. With that aside, I play airsoft as one of my main hobbies. I recently just got into Aquascaping which is supper fuuun and really pretty. Even though it requires a ton of patience for it to look nice and can get frustrating at times but the pay off is amazing. Also, love to play games i'm not big on the consoles but I do play allot of PC games. I've recently just started playing Tera Rising. Right now that's all i can think of for my hobbies. as for me i work as a sushi chef and attend college. I'm also very talkative, friendly and easy going. if you need help with anything just ask and ill try to help with the best of my abilities, OH! i love football... american football... GO HAWKS! oh yeah one more thing my IGN is lilhmongboiii
  7. Minecraft username: lilhmongboii Age (be honest - there's no shame): 20... and yes minecraft is amazing.. Where did you find out about this server? on the technic forums Why do you wish to join this server? I would Like to join this server because I've been playing with this particular Mod-Pack for a while now and love it to death... BEen playing it by myself for quite sometime now and would love to be able to play with others, as it it does get kind of boring playing by yourself all the time. Also Playing wiht other would be a good change of pace for me. Do you have any prior knowledge of the B-Team Modpack? Yes, I do have prior knowledge of these mod packs. I understand thermal expansion, tinkers construct, food plus mod, and carpenters blocks mod the most though. What do you hope to try out / achieve on the server? What i do hope to achieve on this server is to make new friends regardless of age... Also to learn and expand my knowledge further. Not alone but with others. Would also be amazing to help build and create an amazing community! Cake or Death? Definitely cake... Freshly made butter cream frosting and home made whipping cream.......... soo goooooooooooooooooooooooood oh and cheese cake.... I mean cake in general is amazing :3 (: FORGOT TOO ADD CRAFTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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