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  1. admin why aren't you updating bigdig to 1.6.4?? just asking
  2. So, i was playing big dig for a month and i am wondering why u guys (developers) aren't upgarding "Big Dig" to 1.6.4.Players would enjoy playing on 1.6.4 because loads of mods are different in 1.6.4 (thermal expension, buildcraft, minefactory reloaded, applied energertic and etc.) It will be awesome if u update big dig to 1.6.4. Thanks for reading.
  3. 1.IGN:Luka_Ruso 2.Skype Name: Luka_Ruso 3.Reason you would like to join my server: i like playing with friendly people and i think u can do more things on whitelisted server and i think its more fun on whitelisted server when u know everyone and u can heng out with them 4.Age: 13
  4. IGN: Luka_Ruso age: 13 language: Georgian, english, russian favourite modpack: Attack of the b-team Why do you want to join ?:because i like playing with friendly people and i like this modpack and i prefer private servers than public servers because u can do more thing there
  5. pls downgrade MineFactory now i cant use steam turbine to get power because it doesnt takes water pls
  6. Can developers add Buildcraft to the modpack it would be epic buildcraft has some items that i need to use pls add "buildcraft" mod to modpack
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