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  1. thats so easy and perfect! why didn't i think of that?...
  2. Does anyone know how to automate the crafting of minim stones in an aludel with AE? Or even with buildcraft or thermal expansion pipes? As long as i can craft minium stones on demand and connect it to an AE network then it is alright. Is it even possible at all?
  3. Could you give me a detailed explanation of how you did this? I have tried... and failed.
  4. What can I use the mod redstone in motion for? Please do NOT say drill lol
  5. Go to the mod developer. He *should* be able to help
  6. My players are far too disorganized. A while ago i setup a pvp arena so they can fight there. First few days they played on it. 2 week later i removed the plugin due to disuse . They were fighting outside their homes and wrecking each others armor. when it did break finally they started complaining like idiots because their armor broke but they still carried on fighting.
  7. lol, i am happy with the reactor. I am angry at Thermal Expansion for not having even better cables!
  8. Normally yes, unless you are the server owner and the moaning players are your friends
  9. well, i am a nice griefer. i blow up building, yes, but only ones that are abandoned lol. It takes some of the stress away of having 3 moaning players on my server non stop
  10. Your right, it does improve. But just not enough (with my setup) to make much of a difference. But still, Good call
  11. well I did write it. second line under Settings. so yeah... but i will look into your point
  12. the fuel reactivity is 403%. I produce more power than i know what to do with... I waste most of it just because i cannot store all of it. But I will see how much changing the reactor does to my base. Thank you for pointing that out
  13. You can add it yourself to the pack but yes, it would make tekkit server more, ehmm... interesting *mischievous face*
  14. Oh, and sorry for all the links. I had no idea how to put the actual picture since the image button did not work correctly for me.
  15. So I decided after everyone helped me so much with my setup in this thread, / I will share my Big Reactors setup. Just cos some people don't know how to or can't be bothered to do so. My setup is 1 Reactor and 2 Turbines The Reactors is made like this The Bottom is 5x10 blocks big. There are 4 fuel rods (per layer, so a total of 24), the coolant that I use is Gelid Cryotheum. It is 8 blocks tall (including all casing bottom layer and control rod top layer) Just a picture of the top. (All settings will be at the end) Now to make the turbine. The Bottom is 5x9 A picture of the overall casing I uses 2 coils of enderium blocks I also have 20 blades Picture of the front (Controler, power tap, fluid ports) Picture of the back (Turbine Shaft) So that is one turbine. Remember, we need 2. Both exactly the same. Sending Steam Just a few tesseracts on the same channel. One connected to a outputing reactor cooling port and 2 connecting to inputing turbine fluid ports, 1 tesseract per turbine. Producing water for the Reactor Thanks to jakalth for a method. When jakalth says small input of water, I needed about 4-5 auqeous accumulators to keep it full. Settings Very simple, all control rods at 60%. This makes the reactor run at around 195 degrees Celsius, Produce around 3520/3530 mB/t. It uses 0.077/0.078 mB/t of fuel. It's fuel reactivity is around 403%. The turbine (once up to speed) has 1782.7 RPM, 10140 RF/t. Remember to keep the max flow rate at 2000 mB/t. Remember there are 2 turbines. Both Turbines produce about the same amount of power, with just a few units in differences. Just remember that with these settings each turbine produces slightly more than 10k RF/t so you will need 2 separate lines of redstone energy conduits, 1 for each turbine, and you will need resonant energy cells to harness that power. This is about the size of how much resonant energy cells you will need. I have a few battery stations like this... So, thats my setup more or less. Feel free to improve or edit in anyway.
  16. Alright, thanks i just added separate mains.
  17. Now i need more help. I am producing almost 20k rf/t. my redstone energy conduits only transmit 10k... is there a different cable? PS thanks everyone for your help!
  18. You can use the big reactors mod, then the reactor produces steam when you pump water into it and you can use that to power a turbine from big reactors or a different mod that uses steam
  19. Does not give me enough water from some reason... nothing does. EDIT: nevermind, it works now, but i need like 3-4 auqeous accumulator
  20. Can anyone tell me the best way to put water into the reactor?
  21. could anyone show me their setup for the reactor and turbine? like a pic or a diagram. Preferably one that generates around 1k-2k rf/t while using less than .1 fuel in the reactor. It would be a lot of help if anyone can do this.
  22. No florb for steam But there is a drum from Extra Utilities. That Works! I did not think of that... Does it work?
  23. Hi, new to the Forums. But anyway. I have a reactors from the Big reactors mod. And it outputs steam quite nicely. The problem is once the steam is in the AE network thanks to Extra cells' ME fluid import bus, how do i get it out into the turbine? With a ME fluid export bus, yes but how am I meant to tell the bus to export the steam into the turbine?
  24. I have this too. But when I log out and log back in they disappear.