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  1. Hey thrill i'm wondering if I can help at all with becoming a mod or admin I was on your old server with the (free liquid) at spawn thanks -patkicu
  2. Makin trouble :3

    1. Lethosos


      Givin' it double

  3. age: 10 I'm nice and I'm like a joker ps. Don't Judge me! Exp. lots of normal And Attack of the Bteam (been playing since out for pre payers Skype: none I'm 10 I'm from Round rock Texas. IGN: patkicu p.s I'm a girl
  4. IGN: patkicu player style: I'm a BIG builder favorite mod: project red. Mod knowledge: I just started 5 weeks ago.so, I'm not that great. age: don't judge, I'm 10
  5. yo, sup peeps

    1. dwwojcik


      playin minecraft, yo

  6. IGN: patkicu Age: 10 (Don't judge me by my age, I'm not mean ) Why I want to join : I love non-public small communities. Skype: none srry my parents won't let me have it .
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