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  1. It depends on weather you have 32 bit or 64 bit windows. If you have a 32 bit system, you are stuck on 1 GB ram allocated for minecraft and you can't change it. If you have a 64 bit system, boot up the Technic Launcher, press the cog on the top right of the window, click the 'Memory' drop down menu and select the option which is 1 GB below the amount which you have
  2. Woah! 2 MB RAM? I think you mean 2 GB RAM MB is really small. Also, if you have a windows 7 PC, stick a memory stick in it and set it to be 'Dedicated to readyboost'. this will make your PC think that it is another stick of RAM. In terms of modpacks you could run, I recommend Tekkit Lite, Tekkit Classic, or my modpack http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/andystans-tiny-tech-pack.469874
  3. I don't care how many mods you can run, my modpack provides a fun technical based modpack that does not destroy the FPS of the game.My laptop has 2 GB of RAM and I am able to run this modpack with roughly 20 FPS.
  4. Well, the main reason why I made this pack 1.6.4 is that my laptop (*sigh*) is so rubbish that it doesn't have the OpenGL 2.0 to run minecraft 1.7.4+ Also, for the IChun issue, i looked up his website and checked under the 'Modpacks' page. it says: As I am in the process of making a private server, I believe that I can get around this.
  5. Welcome To Andystan1912's Modpack Forum! I have recently made a modpack dedicated to the technical side of the minecraft mods. I was going to make it in 1.7 but not all of the best mods have been updated to 1.7 yet It is designed with smaller computers in mind. It currently contains roughly 100 mods. If you are using a less-powerful PC/ Laptop, I recommend installing Optifine to boost FPS. The link to the modpack's Technic's page is here: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/andystans-tiny-tech-pack.469874/ If you can't be bothered to click that link, the Platfo
  6. Hi! i'm interested in joining this server! i'm 16 and i love small servers! my IGN is andystan1912. Many thanks, Andy Stanton (andystan1912)
  7. Name: Andy Username: andystan1912 Skype: andrew.stanton19 (but i'll have to friend you because i use it on my tablet and it doesn't say if i have any friend requests) Age: 16 2 reasons why do you like to play Tekkit: I find vanilla boring and too easy to complete so i enjoy harder, more difficult modpacks and i really enjoy to machine aspect to Tekkit- the fact that almost anything is possible with machines is much better than magic based modpacks Many thanks for reviewing my application, Andy (andystan1912)
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