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  1. The old tekkit stopped updating when Tekkit lite came out. Tekkit lite stopped updating when New tekkit came out. And now there's tekkit legends as well. Tekkit lite developement was stopped and will not be continued unless they decide to revive it like they did with tekkit legends.
  2. Minecraft Username: Endersmens Skype: Endersmens Why do you want to join? Really want a small server that doesn't ban good items like quarries that I can play on with my friends. What aspects will you bring to the server? I have a very in depth knowledge of tekkit lite and all its modpacks, and can offer advice and cool tips to anyone about awesome machines. How often can you play and timezone: Probably 3-6 hours a day, in EST. Anything else? I also request that the following names (my friends) get whitelisted as well so that they don't all have to come here and fill t
  3. I've been the only person on the server for quite some time now. Anyone out there still play on this server? Haven't seen @slish in forever either. :/
  4. MC username: Endersmens How much experience do you have with tekkit lite? Lots. I play regularly and know about most of the modpacks. How often do you plan on playing? Probably 2-4 times a week. Anything else we should know? I want to record for a youtube series on this server with a friend, would that be alright?
  5. Name: Caleb Clifton Age: 16 In game name: Endersmens will i find you on any ban lists and why: nope why it is you want to join my server: I hate big servers. I prefer small servers, where everyone knows everyone.
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