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  1. The battlesigns are from Tinkers Construct.

    No, because.....

    It is jsut a normal sign from minecraft with enchants and health when you mouse over it. 

    If its a vanilla sign, thats not tinkers construct. Battlesigns (or any construct wepoan) can't be enchanted anyway.

  2. Tinkers construct. Thats the first thing you should do. 


    Then try to kill a bat for early flight. This is useful in building and mining.


    Then do thermal expansion. This will help to make better item/liquid storage, and energy to...


    Make a renewable energy tree farm+steam dynamo set up with MFR.


    Get a way into mfr, for food, crops, etc.


    Once you are far along, make a laser drill with a big source of power. Optionally, make a setup to process the ores made.


    Then start witchery. This is best started last as it uses up a lot of  stuff and doesn't directly pay for itself.


    At this point, you can branch out into as ships, food+, necromancy, etc. 


    Remember you can do whatever you want between these steps and adjust at will.


    :) hope this helps

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