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  1. I am goooone for 7 weeks, tortu- i mean family vacation :(

  2. If Kitty Jail didn't get locked after 20000 posts, i think this is okay. Someone please say how to change member status.
  3. Whenever i click a paint mixer, i crash. Idk how to get crash logs, I'm stupid
  4. Full guard patterns and therefore cutlasses are now unobtainable (in a neew world).
  5. Now that this has gone TOTALLY off topic... WHO HERE LIKES POTATOES?!?!?!
  6. Somewhat new. I've been browsing the forums even before i got an account and I know that EVERYONE ALWAYS goes off topic. I don't want that here, but my efforts may be fruitless.
  7. Make a mob arena with, like, auto spawners and dispensers.
  8. Uhhh duuh bleeh? I can't find the white box in Profile information.
  9. Oh god no... i'll probably be on vacation for 7 weeks with no computer by the time it comes out, whaaaaay.... I've played it, the main changes seem to be in Witchery, which got a HUGE update, and a few in MFR. BTW, whats the fountain for? Gathering water?
  10. Infernal mobs would be AWESOME also maybe set your game to hard mode, or play a world in adventure mode for a real challenge.
  11. Thats basically all the mods XD. Try adjusting your video settings.
  12. Also pretty annoying when someone makes an underwater dome and monsters spawn in it and float up. Someone should bug tropic craft about that, it seems unnecessary and annoying.
  13. Block mover? Block replacer, block teleporter, auto activator, explosion, etc. It happened to me once, luckily i was on the station so i set up an enchanted portal which let me go home and back with no trouble. However, someone did crash if they came on it the "conventional" way using rockets. You can move the blue box to another place, I've done it before.
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