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  1. IGN: FLGzTRYH4RDx I would like to join and i'd like to get familiar with tekkit around other peoples
  2. Minecraft name: FLGzTRYH4RDx What country do you live in: united states Do you have Skype?: yes:t62pac Do you upload to Youtube?: No but i plan to in the future. Age: 17 Acceptance of server rules?: Accepted!
  3. - How long have you played minecraft? 3-4 years B-team? About a week now - Age? 17 - Have you been staff before? A mod on one vanilla server - How often will you come online? Anytime i can be (Alot) - Any other skills? I can build haha - Why do you deserve the position? I'm fairly knowledgable about minecraft. I have a lot of time that im wiling to spend for this server - Anything else? Even if i dont get the posititon i'd still like to be apart of this server
  4. Basics:Im just starting out on Attack of the B-Team and i don't like playing buy myself In game name: (Don't judge made this account 3-4 years ago) FLGzTRYH4RDx Age: 17 Timezone: GMT+/-5:00 About You: Im an easy going guy and i love joking around/ playing with peiople Describe your Minecraft experience: I've been playing minecraft for a couple of years now and i am fairly knowledgeable Describe your experience with Minecraft servers: I play on minigame servers as well as one vanilla server but no one goes on it anymore Have you ever been banned? This is not necessarily a deal-breaker, but
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