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  1. I'm back. When I download your link plowman I get some 1.6.4 libraries. I actually fixed this a month ago but I don't remember how. I think I replaced the libraries folder in my launch directory with what you posted. However I am still getting the error. Am I missing something? Is there more to this? I'm using MCPC, not cauldron for 1.6.4. Do I need a repaired server.jar too?
  2. I'm not typically one who asks others to do things for me, but thanks for the suggestions. Big thanks to plowmanplow for helping me get everything setup and answering all my questions. I really appreciate it and when I develop something I'll be sure to credit you for your help. I'll be back if I run into any issues. lol
  3. The link is broken.
  4. Where can I find a collection of mods though?
  5. I assume you could also have server-side only mods as well. So I could keep my code as a closed source. Where are you supposed to get these mods? All I see are modpacks on the homepage but not the individual mods. Like if I wanted to add 'Rei’s Minimap Mod for Minecraft' to my modpack. I googled it and found a bunch of sources but no central location where others could be downloaded. And only server-sided mods can be at bukkit.org. Also, is there a pro/con to using a specific version of Force/Minecraft? My assumption would be to use the up-to-date version free of bugs. I already imported the Forge jar into Eclipse as a Library so I think I'm good to go. As long as I use that same jar in my modpack in /bin there should be no compatibility issues.
  6. Thanks for the response. I'm still confused about server-side vs client-side. So with your barebones example you are building a modpack for the client side, correct? If that's true, how do you create the server-side? Don't the client-side mods need to communicate with server-side mods? These wouldn't be the same jars would they? They'd have to be different. E: And what prevents a person from creating a modpack with a bunch of cheating mods then using that in someone else's server? Is there an authentication that verifies they are using the modpack designed for the server? EE: What are coremods vs mods?
  7. Hello, I've been developing a server for the past 4 years on Minecraft classic but since that is now dying I'm looking for a new place. I've heard good things about Technic but the problem is I don't even know what Technic is. I assumed it was like Steam and the client downloads the mods when you enter a server but apparently it looks like you need to know the server first, and then download their modpack, and then open that modded Minecraft, and direct connect via IP. Is this correct? Is there no server list and you have to do manual advertising? The project Technic looks incredibly massive. Which is why I was surprised how impossible it is to find any documentation for it. I checked the wiki, various forums, even the homepage. Nothing that introduces you to Technic and how it works. And I'm not talking about how to create a mod pack (though I will want to learn that eventually as well). I see these mod six modpacks: Tekkit, Hexxit, Voltz, etc. Are these the only ones you can use? What makes these ones so special? Are all of these just a collection of mods in a pack? And then you can take that pack and add more mods to it to make it your own? Or would adding more mods to it make it into a new mod pack? What if the mods were only server side. Would it require a new mod pack? If I was completely oblivious to this documentation then I am sorry. I'm not some 9 year old who doesn't know what they are doing. I'm a 25 year old Java developer who wants to get started but just needs a nudge in some direction. Once I got that I'm off on my own. Thank you.
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