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  1. Both declined for now. Servers down, not sure if it will come back.
  2. Update: Sorry about that, somethings wrong with the company hosting the server, or something.. I'm not too sure as the owner hasn't given me much information lately. It will be down until further notice. I'll post more when i have more info. Sorry. : / Edit: No new applications will be processed until server is online again.
  3. Best whitelist app ever, totally. Welcome Haven't seen you on the server yet, but alright. Owners a bit picky about younger people, but welcome and please be mature. c: All whitelisted. Welcome!
  4. Hacks! He does magic! Just, try to act mature around here, ok? I hope to God Notch you're not a troll. =) Whitelisted
  5. Shouldn't have any problem being greifed. There is a town open for some people to join, no one has gotten greifed/stolen from. I see you had an application replied too earlier. Should be fine now. Both whitelisted
  6. Whenever I'm on you might get a chat spam, fairly talkative person.. Always nice to have helpful people with knowledge of the game. Whitelisted!
  7. Hey. One of the Admins here on the server. Whitelisted all of you! Welcome. c: EDIT: Derped to hell out and didn't actually whitelist. sorry. Fixed now.
  8. I can't build, it keeps saying im not permitted, any reason why?
  9. Server App: IGN: Minecraftpowerz ( hoping to change it in 1.8 if name changing comes... .-.) Age:15 Timezone: EST Tekkit classic experience: Knowledgable-Fairly Knowledgeable (Lacking in bluepower/redpower) Creativeness Level: Good ( Automated factories, built a very nice spawn for a server once, non-eyesore houses ) Why you would like to join: Looking for a non-greifing server that has a small community, who can hopefully work together.
  10. Hello there! 1. Age: 15 2. What would be your goal on the server? -Probably to bring a few friends on the server, and build a small town, if not, factories! 3.Why should we whitelist you? -I'm sick of being raided and greifed, and I'm usually *that idiot* who left his door open. I hate greifing and i hate being griefed. This server seems to be a balance of not restricting players and no greifing. Also, I came on earlier and couldnt build. My IGN is Minecraftpowerz. Pm me for my skype if you'd like it. EDIT: If steam would help, my steam; Sagewynn
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