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  1. Name: Andrew Username: Irondiamonds Skype: (Skyped you.) Age: 16 2 reasons why do you like to play AOTBT: I enjoy playing AOTBT because it gives more of a variety of things to do in Minecraft. I feel as if it expands my building potential because of the detail, and new blocks it provides. It also challenges my memory and skills at minecraft when memorizing recipes, and what to do first.
  2. I cannot join, it continues to say "Bad Login"?, and with the tech launcher. I cannot re-login. It automatically logs in for me.
  3. In game name: IronDiamonds Age: 15 Skype: PassiveDeception (If you are questionable about my application, I will gladly do it on Skype.) Country of residence: Pennsylvania How familiar are you with Attack of the B Team, and modded Minecraft?: Honestly, I am not very familiar. I only recently started with the modpack. I understand one of your requirements are to be experienced or at least intermediate with the modpack, but I am having trouble learning just from simply normal servers and Youtube/the wiki. I am still learning, and I would appreciate if you could over look this.
  4. [ { "signatures": [ { "signature": "sha256:d2a19bd4da803d9dfa519eb7490b69c402388c201a7203ac9e507ebe6b9ee76d", "filename": "waypoints-1.6.4-1.0.2fix.jar" }, { "signature": "sha256:3ab29477bee8506d0589f18986c2d254a987b1232181beb9eeaf757e31d8b447", "filename": "worldofdinos-1.1.jar" }, { "signature": "sha256:4ad2958dfcbbc4a686d8f59c2bd7d753f575f8793d1d59b2cdbd5e71cc6b0577", "filename": "liquid-xp-57.1.2.jar" }, { "signature": "sha256:bef35428c234aa4927d8e164b4aa53a07b56ef9d3444011ee3d9d6b1452cb
  5. Nevermind, I found the crash reports. But i cannot open them?
  6. I can make it run smoothly, around 13 FPS+ if i reduce my render distance to tiny, but I really dont want it at that size.
  7. I have recently downloaded the Attack of the B team mod pack. Everything seems fine, besides the unbearable lag. I have let the chunks load around me, and I have changed my video settings. My FPS is ranging from 0-20. Normally around 5-15. Honestly, I just want a intelligent answer. If your going to tell me that I need to replace something in my computer, whatever. Just tell me what I need to do, and all that.
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