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  1. IGN: lilroro9 Age: 14 Favorite Mod in B Team: Tinkers' Construct and the Witchery mod What do you like to do in Servers: i really like to meet other people on the server and have fun, but i also love playing pranks but not all the time. i just really enjoy have a cool community. Why do you want to join the server: i want to join the server to have a fun community of friends to play with and have a good experience on a server. Skype: PGCAbsolute Favorite color: Red
  2. IGN: lilroro9 Skype: PGCAbsolute Mic: Yes i have really been looking for a small community server to have fun on and not have to worry about griefing and lots of people stealing from me
  3. Age: 14, im pretty chill but i do like to play pranks using stuff like witchery but i consider myself mature because im not gonna cry and whine if i die or someone does something mean to me. i can take a joke and hope others can too. Experience: I have been playing AOTBT for about 4 weeks but i did lots of research before i got into it so i am well experienced. How often you'll be playing: I play any chance i get but i usually play for about 3 to 4 ours a day then i take a break and come back Where are you from: Arkansas Skype: i will pm it to you if you need it and last b
  4. 1. IGN: lilroro9 2. 14 3. Experience with AOTBT: i consider myself an expert at witchery and average but somewhat good at the rest 4. Skype: PGCAbsolute 5. Personality: Gaming has always been my passion whether it be call of duty or minecraft, but i love to play with other people and build community world with friends 6. Good at building: yes i am a very good builder 7. Why should you be accepted?: i really want to help out with the server to help it be friendly and community based. i will even help with building projects if needed. 8. Anything you would like to share about yourself(opt
  5. Skype: PGCAbsolute Age: 14 (I have a great mic, astro a40s, so don't worry) Knowledge: Expert at witchery and pretty average at everything else. Gender: Male Name: Ross (IGN: lilroro9) I don't have a youtube channel at the time I'm sorry but i can't host the server
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