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  1. I am no staff, but this seems whitelist-worthy. Wonder what's keeping the owner. Maybe he's busy with the server maintenance.
  2. IGN: aidenpetrie Age: 14 Skype?: WolfMaster218 (name is Aiden Petrie if more than one) TS3: I don't have one, nor know what it is. mc15.fadehost.com:25735 Rules are simple. Don't Grief Don't Steal Don't harass people (this includes following someone, staying in their area, etc.) Don't argue with me Don't ask for permissions or staff Do not spam chat Do not make the world look like crap. I, Aiden Petrie, have read the rules and accept them with pride.
  3. Owner, Please respond to this. In tinkers' construct, the cutlass is a hidden weapon. It is made with a full guard pattern, which is found in villages. Due to villages being disabled, it is now impossible to get a cutlass. Please, if you can find a way to construct one or cheat one in for the server, I would appreciate it. ~Gad
  4. thank you very much for adding me, although I haven't seen anyone on yet, so I hope I get to meet some people!
  5. I am not the server owner nor the staff, but these are amazing applications! I hope that the owner gets by these, because these look like players I would like to start with!
  6. Application: 1. In Game Name: aidenpetrie (nickname Gad) 2. Age: 14-15 3. Experience with AOTBT: I have been on many servers, although most had very unfriendly people in the community. 4. Skype Name: wolfmaster218 (will change later, made it when I was 7) 5. Personality: risk-taking, kind, friendly, etc. 6. Good at Building?: somewhat 7. Why should you be accepted?: Because I can promise you I will be a great addition to this community. I will help others with problems. 8. Anything you would like to share about yourself(Optional): No Comment 9. Favorite mod in the pack: Tinkers Construct, tied with witchery. 10. Would you be interested in donating to help the server stay afloat(decision will not affect whitelist): maybe, but at the time I am short on money. I, aidenpetrie, have read the rules and have accepted them with pride and honor.
  7. IGN: aidenpetrie Age: 16 Time Zone: Florida (eastern time) Have you ever been banned from a server?: no How long have you played Minecraft?: since 3.0 Any additional information you'd like to add: I would like to go on a server that promises that I will not be griefed every 12 freaking minutes. I am a very good builder/redstoner and please reply quick because I would like to be on the server as soon as possible.
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