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  1. username- TheGamer410 Age- 14 I found out about this server by searching through the forums for attack of the b-team server My prior knowledge is Witchery I hope to try get a good series running on YouTube and Cake because it's sweater
  2. IGN: TheGamer410 First name: Aaron Skype: live.gallifrey_1 About me I'm a youtuber Why I want to join? I want to join because I'd like to make videos on private servers I hope u read this and accept me so any of my viewers can enjoy watching this
  3. My IGN is TheGamer410 My age is 14 and my gender is Male I'm from the UK My favourite mod is Thermal Expansion I'm looking for a server where I can record without people getting in the way. If u want to add me on the private server u can pm me on the website
  4. IGN- TheGamer410 Age- 14 Reason- I love playing on private servers because it's easier to record on. Country- England Skype- live:gallifrey_1
  5. IGN-TheGamer410 Age-14 why I ant to join: I've been looking for a good Attack of the B-Team server to record on. Got Skype-no just pm me the ip
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