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  1. Love the whole post-apocalyptic look. I think all the details really make it work well.
  2. I love it. Thanks to all of you guys for keeping this alive. I really think it has stuck to the original style so well, and provided variety to the field of Tekkit texturepacks.
  3. Pretty cool, but I think it needs to look more different to standard Tekkit.
  4. Hi, I am Brickrail, and I have started a project based on Tekkit on "Lego Ideas". This is a program where ideas can be submitted to Lego. When they receive 10,000 supporters, it has the opportunity to become an actual Lego set. As many of you know, there has already been a series of successful Vanilla Minecraft sets, so this really has a good chance of being a reality with your help. Here is a link to the page on "Lego Ideas" I would be grateful for any support, and I look forward to reading your comments. Thanks, Brickrail
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