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  1. I need more details? Something like that doesnt just happen. If your in creative, you should be able to drag things out and into your inventory.
  2. Why not just post the IP to the public? If its a raid/pvp server its actually better that way.
  3. I'm not entirely sure but maybe this can go into the tracker section?
  4. I cant seem to find a good whitelisted (bteam)server. Any suggestions? By good I mean, No grief and a good playerbase.

  5. Just a suggestion, if you want to look more professional. Tell us why we should join the server, and what makes it stand out compared to other servers. Be more specific on the server details because with what you've told me in this thread, doesn't tell me if its PvE, or PvP, or in the middle. Therefore, I am on the fence about joining. Also drop parties are for raiding servers mostly so if its not a raiding server, I wouldn't suggest doing that. It just upsets the economy. Oh, and those 'simple rules' you speak of in the thread. You should list them.
  6. There is no such thing as a creative glitch. Someone in the server gave him creative or the rights to give himself creative. Thanks for the headsup anyway.
  7. Now, to install additional mods into the Technic Launcher is actually more simple than installing them into vanilla Minecraft! Open your computer's roaming/appdata folder by clicking Start, then typing %appdata% in your computer's "run" dialog box. When the window opens, you'll see the vanilla Minecraft folder and also the .techniclauncher folder (or something simular.) Open up the .techniclauncher folder, and then the modpacks folder. Continue by opening the vanilla folder, and then the mods folder. Simply download your mods and place the zip files or whatever files you happen to download for each particular mod into this folder. That's it! Edit: Obviously after installing the mods, when you think you've got it all set up. Open the technic launcher and go to the "Minecraft" one. Might take a bit of scrolling but its there. Also keep in mind the version of minecraft and make sure that the mod you downloaded is for that version. If this helped you, please like my post
  8. Grief Items No-PVP Bypass: -Mining Laser -Scepters -Melee Turtle -Pellet Launcher -MPowersuits Power Tools No-Grief Bypass: -Terraformer -Vajra -Wand of Excavation -Mining Turtles -Shoulder-Mounted Piston -Mining Laser -Portal Gun -Foam Sprayer -Shovel of the Earthmover -Wrath Igniter -ITNT -Dynamite -Wrenches -Apprentice/Adept Wands(change bookshelves into Thaumonomicon) -Wand of Excavation -Ice Wands(breaks glass) Item Dupes: -Canvas Bag -Fabricator -Advanced Crafting Table -Block Breaker -Arcane Worktable Troll Items: -Portal Gun -Portable Hole -Sword of the Zephyr I dont know a complete fix for these besides removing the items directly or removing the mod that contains them, but heres a list of the well-known items used to do this.
  9. Thanks. I do watch bdubz, and generikb, along with etho and a few other of their group.
  10. This guy posted 8 posts in one minute (of complete nonsence). Even if that isnt breaking the rules, im pretty sure hes a bot.

    1. holymage!


      we have had worse...

  11. I would set all the basic prices for the vanilla items and go off of that. Think, how hard would it be to get this item? Of course, while still having your price range for the vanilla items in mind.
  12. I know its not as important as some of the other posts in this thread, so i completely understand if this isn't responded to anytime soon. Though I have never really gotten too far into Aotbt and I feel like other experienced players could give me a few tips and maybe just a little info on the important mods. If this thread is successful, it wont be just to help me, it could help all new beginner players. Anyways, thanks to anyone who comments below to help. Ill also try my best to add any of the helpful info and their respectable owners into the thread so people don't have to scroll through all of the comments to find what they need. ~The most generalist generally general advice~ "Since you are aiming in a very general direction it is hard to come by with something more precise then general advice But basicly things that one should tackle first after having a save hide out and a sufficient food supply are: - Advanced Weaponary (Tinkers Constructs) - Energy Generation (Thermal Expansion) - Body Modification (Advanced Genetics) - An automated Storage System (Project Red Transportation) From there on it pretty much depends on personal tastes. You could go the automation and machinery route ... be creative as hell ... get into witchery or just explore. Depending on your taste a different subset of Mods from the pack will be interesting for you. In general I would have a look at some of the guys from the original server and their series, which are just perfect introductions to various topics." -BrowserXL Cant find what you came here to look for? Use the wiki! http://www.attackofthebteamwiki.com/wiki/Main_Page
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