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  1. Sorry about that - if you remove the port number from the IP - so it's just then you will be okay - server is almost finished should be open in the next 24 hours. Things took longer than expected.
  2. Hi mate, Sorry about that - w are just testing some setups for the server at the moment - the whitelist should be off relatively soon. Perhaps today or tomorrow. Sorry about the wait - hope you like the pack :)
  3. Super! Thanks for your feedback - Hope your enjoying the pack! I will looking into it, but yes more than likely Hope your enjoying the pack!
  4. Okay - the team will looking into it Thank you for your input!
  5. PUBLIC SERVER IS UP! Intel Xeon E3 1245v2 10GB RAM
  6. DestructiveSerenity

  7. DestructiveSerenity is a technical modpack for Minecraft version 1.7.10, with this pack we aim to provide the latest tech based mods for you play with. The opportunities are endless; build huge factories which tower into the sky; automate production of every block in the game or make your base as compact and efficient as possible. That's only the beginning - what can you create? Mod List Applied Energistics 2 - Autopackager - BetterTitleScreen - Big Reactors - BiblioCraft- BuildCraft - BuildCraft Compat - BuildCraft Utilities - ChickenChunks - CodeChickenCore - CoFH-Core - CoFH-Lib - ComputerCraft - EnderIO - FlatSigns - FunkyLocomotion- iChun Util - InventoryTweaks - Jabba - LiteLoader - Mantle - Mekanism - Mekanism Generators - MobiusCore - Morph - NEM-VersionChecker - NotEnoughItems - OpenBlocks - OpenModsLib - PneumaticCraft - Railcraft - RouterReborn - Project Red - Project Blue - Thermal Expansion - Thermal Foundation - Tinkers Construct - VoxelMap - WR-CBE Get the pack here!
  8. Hello Again, Loved your work last time - could you hook me up again? I am making a pack for people with not so powerful PCs (I must say Solder is amazing!) and it will be called HalcyonHavoc. Thanks Sam
  9. Mac users swear by their Mac, PC users swear at their PC.

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      Because he's insecure about owning a Mac.
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  10. Hello All, I have spent the last few days working on a pack and got it going client-side fine - but i don't have a clue where to start with setting up a server. Before you says do some research - i have watched countless videos and read even more tutorials. I was hoping somebody who knows about this stuff could sit down and explain to me how the server side stuff works. Thanks. Sam
  11. Hey there, I would like some graphics for my modpack - its a techie pack if you need inspiration. The current ones kind of suck (took like 209 seconds in Illustrator). Cheers Sam
  12. What version of MC is this pack based on? I have downlaoded btw.
  13. Hi - i just popped youa a message having some problems with a modpack