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  1. Technic should be working on windows 7, It's just that they recently did some maintenance, so you may experience some bugs for the time being.
  2. You have supplied a broken API link. Please supply a working API link.
  3. Hit Windows Key & R to open "Run". Type in %appdata% and hit enter. Go to .technic folder, followed by the logs folder. Open the most recent log. Hit Crtl+A to highlight the whole log and then copy it. Go to pastebin.com , and paste the log into the box called "New Paste". At the bottom click "Create New Paste". Now, Copy the URL to the new paste, and post it here.
  4. Have you tried using your email as the username? It's silly to say this but also make sure caps lock isn't on. If that doesn't work, I would just reset your password.
  5. Make sure that in your bin file, you renamed your forge jar to "modpack", and make sure you're using the right forge version.
  6. Sometimes technic server become slow, and It take a bit of time for an update to apply to the launcher. What sometimes works for me is after I push out and update, and It doesn't appear in the launcher, I push out another empty update, just for the purpose of making it go faster, and it usually works.
  7. You should always provide a link to the actual modpack on the technic website.
  8. Could you please provide a link to your modpack.
  9. Sorry for not responding, but have you updated the pack with Binnie removed?
  10. Hmm, Well I just left my house so I can't see it just yet. I've contacted one of my friends who can help you solve this. I'm waiting for his response, otherwise, I'll be back home at about 3:00 PM EST
  11. No problem, Keep me updated on how it works out!
  12. Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: binnie/extrabees/apiary/TileExtraBeeAlveary Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: forestry/api/apiculture/IAlvearyComponent I'm not the best at knowing what these mean, But It brings up The "Binnie Mod" & The "Forestry Mod" . So I would assume there would be a conflict perhaps between Block ID's between the through mods.
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