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  1. Indeed, as was said above me, it wants your email and not your username, despite what it says.
  2. Now I don't entirely know, but sometimes when I try and log in to servers I get the invalid session message. When that happens I need to close minecraft and the launcher down before re-opening it. I would also possibly suggest trying to connect by the Direct Connect option. Get your brother to search on his computer for the application called Command. In command type in ipconfig and it should come out with a load of text on one side and numbers on the other. Look on the left for the IPv4 address and record the number that it says on the right. Then, in direct connect, type that number, with the dots, the a colon, and then the 5 digits it put in your brother's chat when he opened it to LAN. Keep in mind that the IPv4 address can change sometimes. Other than these, I don't know what to suggest, but I'd give them both a try. If they don't work I hope someone more knowledgeable can help you out! Hopefully this helped, Cookie
  3. So I am currently, with a sibling, using the "To the Moon or Bust!" modpack and we are going to the moon (funnily enough) using LAN. Anyway, I couldn't help but notice that in that modpack it only has Galacticraft 2, not Galacticraft 3, which I decided I wanted. Unfortunately, being a complete noob I have no idea how to change the modpack so that I could keep the current world and we could use Galacticraft 3, whilst keeping all other mods the same. I'm not sure whether I'd have to change it in the modpack on both computers, or even how to get to the game directory to change the modpack! (I know right, a real noob!) Or, in fact, what to do in the game directory to change it! So just to reiterate I would like to upgrade the galacticraft 2 to galacticraft 3 in the modpack whilst keeping the world and being able to use it with LAN (and keeping everything else the same). A step by step guide would be really nice here because obviously I'm a bit stupid and clueless when it comes to this! Both computers are windows by the way (one is a laptop and the other a desktop if that makes a difference). Sorry if this is horrifically obvious to you, I'm a complete beginner at modpacks and the forums, so I just have no clue how to get it to do that. Also sorry if this has been posted before or if it's in the wrong place, again, I don't really know what I'm doing! I'd be very grateful for any answers, even if it involves shouting at me for being so ignorant! Many thanks, Cookie
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