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  1. 1. The name of your MC account? Ethen_110 2. How old are you? 15 3. Where do you live? US 4. What can you bring to the server? Experiance to tekkit 5. Tell us briefly about yourself? I like playing tekkit and I really dislike griefers and people who steal from me. 6. Do you accept the rules? Yes I do. 7. Why do you want to apply? I want a good server that i can play on that doesnt lag like crazy and that i can have fun on. 8. Extra details or questions? Are there any banned items?
  2. Team Name: Corgis and Russian hats Name: Ethen_110 If more than one member, Names: sagewynn Why should you join?: I love Voltz and Wars is love. War is life. I know what im doing when it comes to voltz and can help anyone out with it...... for a price. Yes I realize this is a server with plug ins and im fine with that
  3. Age: 14 MC name: Ethen_110 I agree that i will follow the rules and if i do not i understand i will be instantly banned. i understand that if i insult the server in any way i will be warned and then banned. IF i give out the Ip i will be banned. I understand that if i do anything to lag switch or hack the server i can be sent to federal prison and this is completely illegal.
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