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  1. Hi, sorry if this seems like a very simple thing but I've been struggling for far too long now. I haven't been to the website in a while so I forgot how to do some things. One thing I really want to do but can't figure out is how to keyword search "most popular" on the website. If I set it to "most popular" and keyword search, it automatically reverts to "trending". If I type in the keyword first then switch to "most popular", it gives the most popular but disregards the keyword so I can't narrow it down. I used to do this so I don't know how I forgot, but I can't seem to figure it out anymore and can't find anyone else who is having the same problem. Tried forum and google searching for solutions. Can anyone please point out where I'm going wrong?
  2. So it's been around 7 months since I joined the server. I wrote a first impressions review on an older thread and thought I'd update my opinion now that I've been on it for a while. There are several things that keep me coming back to this server in favour of other servers out there. Freedom and simplicity, no long-winded rulebook, just a general understanding of treating each other with respect. No strange unexplained restrictions, no hoops to jump through. From what I have seen this system works well.Everyone is friendly, people help each other and cooperate.No unwanted drama or arguing, except on very rare occasions (I can only clearly recall one particular incident over my 7 months of being on the server). Instigators are dealt with.Reasonable performance given that it's on a server and has 260+ mods. I am honestly surprised that my framerate and general performance have been good with only occasional block lag (haven't seen any block lag in a long time, though), no rubber-banding, a bit of stutter where there's a lot going on, also given that I'm running on an outdated graphics card and a very outdated CPU.Choice of mods to work on means you can't really ever get bored. Other modpacks now feel empty by comparison. I often have so many things I want to do all at once.Fair and balanced donation system, nothing too OP. It does not feel like a disadvantage to be a non-donor like it does on many other servers, which makes me genuinely wish I could donate to the server upkeep (I can't).Large map to work on. This may be a side-effect of being on a quiet server, but if you want to build alone, you can always find a spot.That's about all for now. I'll update on any changes in opinion, hoping to see this server grow and get better.
  3. It tells me that the modpack location is not valid. Here is the modpack URL I'm trying to save it as: https://copy.com/X6X0jsOvH6qJ821k?download=1
  4. Dropbox suspended my private links for going over traffic allocation or something like that so I'm trying to use copy.com problem being that the link is not valid. Do you know if there's something I need to do to change the link? I've tried looking elsewhere but I can only find instructions for older versions of the service that used a different link structure and those no longer work.
  5. Page Technic Launcher Link Description: Do you find minecraft survival too easy or unrealistic? Want something that actually feels like wilderness surviuval? This modpack could be what you're looking for! Survive against the cold and the heat, wild animals and adverse weather conditions. Trade with player-like villagers and earn their trust. Build infrastructure and technology from primitive to advanced. This is not an easy modpack, there are many ways you can die or become injured for the long-term. This modpack is a work in progress and still being tested. Please report any issue you have, no matter how small it could be of help. Have suggestions? Feel free to share them. List of Mods and links to mod websites Instructions for MAtmos: Due to the launcher overwriting the version.json file, you will need to manually add this in yourself in order to fully enjoy the atmospheric ambience. 1) Download and install the modpack as you would any other pack. Run it once and then close it. 2) Download the version.json file from here: Link 3) Find your \.technic\modpacks\realistic-survival-mode\bin and paste the version.json file into that folder. It will ask you if you want to overwrite the one that's already there, do this. 4) Right click the version.json file and go down to Properties. Check the box that says "Read-only" to prevent the file from being overwritten upon launch. 5) Relaunch the modpack and test. You will need to redo these steps with every new version update.
  6. Thanks for the advice it's always nice to get a few more pointers to clean up the pack. I had meant to replace More Planets with 4-Space, don't know why More Planets is still in there though. Optifine was meant to be taken out too, and I don't know where the flan's mod content packs went. Odd. I hadn't thought to try deleting the launcher installation entirely so I did so and that seems to have fixed the download problem. Thank you for your help.
  7. Working fine at 1.2 after updating all mods, could play it just fine from the launcher. After, added 1 more mod and changed some configs, made a 1.3 zip and uploaded to dropbox. Tested in MultiMC - works fine. Modpack downloads at launcher, but the installation process abruptly stops at 100% downloaded. There is no "play" button, only "install". Clicking on this again causes nothing to happen. However, at .technic/modpacks (sorry can't find reverse slash button on this laptop) the modpack has appared to have fully installed. There is no error message, no crash log. Tried resetting launcher, made sure nothing was left on in processes tab of Task Manager, but everything had clsoed and yet it still didn't work when I reopened it. Thinking it maybe didn't upload properly, I changed it to 1.3.1, tested again in MultiMC, then reuploaded. I changed the download link to the 1.3.1 one, making sure as always to set as dl=1. I incremented the modpack version to 1.3.1 and added a quick changelog note as to why and saved everything. Double checked everything after saving. Hit install again on launcher, then at 100% downloaded installation process abruptly stops again. No error, no crash, stuck with "install" and no play, modpack has downloaded into the folder. Did the same with 1.3.2, this time I made 1.3.2 from scratch, even redownloading the forge universal 1.7.10 recommended version and renaming it as before to modpack.jar. Again, downloaded, it's in the folder, but no "play" button and "install" now does nothing. I tried numerous times deleting the modpack entirely from the launcher but this didn't make any difference. Tested download on friends's laptop and it downloads onto his laptop just fine and I can play it on there. It's only my computer that seems to be having this issue, which makes the issue even more confusing. http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/realistic-survival-mode I don't know if providing the link here will help. My computer is running on 8GB RAM with 5 allocated to the launcher - could that be too high? I had it set high for another modpack. I don't have all my specs here with me, but if you need me to provide any I can post them in a short while.
  8. I haven't been playing on this server for long but it's rare that I'm so quickly impressed. It's clear the hours of effort that have gone into building the spawn (seriously it's one of the best minecraft builds I've seen in-game), and to get 200+ mods working in relative harmony can't have been easy. Noobsloth the owner seems like a good guy, welcoming, respectful and helpful. Admittedly I haven't seen it when it's busy, but I haven't seen any bad behaviour on this server at all which is very uncommon. One thing that tends to put me off other servers is overpowered donor ranks and purchases, but on this server they are very fair and EULA compliant which is very encouraging! I very much look forward to seeing how this server evolves over time.
  9. It's from Coro's Local Weather and Stormfronts mod (aka Weather 2) and lots of modpacks use it. I don't know what modpack you're seeing on the front page, when I go to technicpack.net I see a drawing of floating creepers in space, not a tornado. You shouldn't have to look far to find a mocpack that includes it.
  10. Thank you for the advice. I had tried FPS+ and had problems with it but maybe it's just a conflict somewhere. You're right, with the mods installed I can always expect some lag. I just got rid of GregTech and I can run the graphics on Fancy without taking too much of a FPS hit. Still slow though.
  11. As soon as I installed Opis the block lag and rubber banding went away... does Opis actually do something? I thought it was just for diagnostic purposes. Still get a low but playable FPS. There are a few high use chunks but nothing like hundreds of mobs. Like I found an unexplained pocket of around 20 zubat encased in stone underground, for example. However when I went nearer to them and as I released them from their encasement the performance stayed the same, no extra lag, no stutter like you'd expect from being near or in view of the source of lag. I'm going to try reducing mob spawns overall. I wish I could lower PokeCubes spawns a bit, there are too many but I don't want rid of them entirely.
  12. Thank you for your honesty. You're right this is a bit of a grind (you're supposed to kind of live a bit like a cave man initially and "evolve" from there on), probably not the kind of modpack you're looking for. I'm still in two minds about Gregtech though. It does enhance the grindy aspects and I like a lot of the recipe changes but the ore gen and having yet another tool set really bugs me, might remove it. I suspected it could be the issue. There are three different spawn control thingymajigs that I know of: Pokecubes, Lycanite's Mobs and Just Another Spawner. I've tried to keep everything as much under the control of JAS as possible via configs but I still think that it's possible JAS and Pokecubes/Lycanites (whichever mod the mob in question comes from) could be trying to spawn the same or similar mobs at the same time as one another. So there's also MobControl to try? Hadn't heard of it, thank you for suggesting. I'll see if it manages to work in place of JAS with less conflict. Fastcraft... I couldn't find anything conclusive on permissions, and only one obscure forum post saying that Fastcraft should never be included in a modpack (like Optifine). So I'd rather stay on mod developer's good sides and play it safe. However when I run it on my own I add Fastcraft and Optifine and configure it to the best I can, including the settings you suggested (except smooth world, it says it only works for single core CPUs). The best results I get are with Optifine and Fastcraft installed. It would be good to get some feedback on the performance though to make sure it definitely isn't just on my end as I lack faith in my own ability to build computers that work smoothly. I see people are downloading and playing, but no idea if they're actually enjoying it or if they're having frustrating issues.
  13. I appreciate the opinion, since I really liked the look of it to begin with but I don't like how it's all vanilla ores or no vanilla ores, can't get any in-between (and appears to be causing a need copper for iron -> need iron for copper loop, not impossible to circumvent without cheats but still really tedious to find that iron or starting non-ore copper). Some of the recipe changes in it suit the modpack and the way it's configured but a lot of them could be done with MineTweaker instead. Can I ask which aspect of the mod you dislike and why, and do you think it's unsuitable for the modpack?
  14. Very odd, works for me. Here's a link to the page so you can retrieve the link yourself to make sure it works: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/wilderness-progression.595211
  15. Hello, first of all I'd just like to introduce my modpack. I've been working on it since October and hadn't intended at first for it to be used by anyone but myself until I had a change of heart. It's a fun survival modpack, hard but not absolutely deadly, containing mods that add many new mobs, biomes and dimensions. It's supposed to feel very restrictive at the beginning especially where technology is concerned and overpowered at the end, as a reward. It can be found here: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/wilderness-progression.595211 Now, for the problem I need help with: Lag. It is the worst problem with this modpack so far. I've had other problems sure, but a clue was always present and fix was always somewhere to be found. With this I can find no clue, as I'm still very new. I need the help of a trained eye who knows what to look for and who might recognize the symptoms to be able to offer a solution. My Symptoms: Initial lag on world generation and world save start. That is tolerable as it usually passes in a few seconds. Next the game is nicely playable at around 25-45 FPS. After a few minutes, say 5 or so, lag starts to increase. FPS becomes inconsistent and drops during high activity, coming back slightly when not doing anything. Blocks don't break instantly, sometimes taking several seconds to disappear and give their drop. FPS also fails to go above around 35, drops down to the single digits often. What could it be? Could be my hardware or something else on my end. Could just be too many mods. But I'd still like to know what performance others get and if you have any advice for improving performance that would be much appreciated. If there's some mod conflict going on that I haven't managed to find yet and you know what it is please say. I've checked that IDs don't clash so hopefully that isn't the problem. EDIT: I just realized that the poll depends somewhat on people's individual settings and so-on. It's just to get a rough idea, not meant to be incredibly accurate.
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