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  1. I have a non-english version of windows, so the translation might be a little off. Klick start, then type env and choose edit enviroment variables for your account, and delete the post that starts with "_JAVA" if there is one. It might work.
  2. Have you edited the start.bat? How much RAM does your pc have?
  3. Try update graphicsdrivers. If that doesn't help, try an older java version. If none of the above resolve the problem, I don't know what you should do.
  4. Always happy to give a helping hand when I can.
  5. My vindows 7 is in Swedish so its a loose translation, but here it goes. I don't know where it's located, but there should be a searchtool for searching for files in windows 8.1, search for something resembling "edit enviromentvariables for the account" (just type env and it should pop up in the list) and delete variables starting with _JAVA_OPTIONS if there are any. It might help.
  6. Red, blue and green works fine but I can not make yellow pipe wire to work with gates. Is there a fix for that availible?
  7. I have placed a electrolyzer on a MFE and MFSU and it will not draw energy from either one. Does anyone else have the same problem? I am running both server and client ver 1.1.0
  8. Craft a wooden pipe with one redstone to get a wooden kinesis pipe and connect that to the power tap. I then use golden kinesis pipes from the wooden one to connect to machines. Works fine for me.
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