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  1. PLEASE SUPPLY THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION. AGE:- 27 IGN:- Demonicwolf9 Minecraft/Tekkit experience:- been playing minecraft since 1.0 and tekkit since 1.1 Extra information is always appreciated:- i have been part of many tekkit server, so i am well versed in the ways of tekkit, as well as staff on a few of them so i know the command of most plugins and im always willing to help the newer players
  2. In game name: Demonicwolf9 Age? 27 Why should I let you in my server? im a good quite player, looking a small quite server. As well im really good with almost every part of trkkit. What time zone do you live in? EST How long will you be able to play? 3-4 hours a day Have you ever been banned? nope main mod? redpower 2 and ic2
  3. AlbanianTerra if you are the mot active mod try doing some thing with the whitlist apps
  4. In game name Demonicwolf9 Age 27 Location MA USA Minecraft experience to date been playing since 1.0 and tekkit sincethe start of 1.1 Why do you want to play on our server? sound like you have a good small server, witch is what im looking for, i love to build automated stuff of all shorts, and hop i can get whitelisted
  5. User Name: Demonicwolf9 Why Join: looking for a small server to play on. Tired of the big one with most of tekkit banned or donation only Your biome preference: Grassland Your terrian preference: Mixed Access to water: ocean/river
  6. IGN: Demonicwolf9 Age:27 Experience: been playing tekkit for many months now Kind of thing you are wanting to build: grand factory ( cause it whats tekkit is all about ) Daily amount of time you expect to spend on server: an hour + How long will you expect to play on the server (days,weeks,months?): depends on how i like the server
  7. Minecraft Name: Demonicwolf9 Do you have any bans on record? nopw If so, Why? Why you would like to join the community here at SilliTekkit: been playing tekkit a while and looking for a good whitelist server
  8. not white listed too many bans need to clear it with cmuff but for now you are not
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