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  1. No one from FTB is being asked to work on a Curse product.
  2. The details of the contract are obviously ones I cannot talk about. I think it is fair and ok to say however that ALL FTB asset ownership remains with FTB. That is the websites, the domains the artwork everything. Our deal is to give curse the rights to distribute the FTB mod packs and to host the FTB forums. Development on the current launcher will continue till such time as I feel that a Curse client is in a position to distribute the packs. The same with the forums, they remain where they are until I am happy with the replacement. As to other members of the team coming, pretty much every main member of the core team was informed about all this before hand. However given commitments they had in real life, they were not able to make commitments to Forge, but were all willing and preferred to stay on with FTB as volunteers. With this in mind its important to note that this is a partnership, FTB is not merging in with Curse, we are working with them as partners. The FTB staff will continue to work on FTB projects elusively, I will be working on both FTB projects and Curse projects. That includes helping Curse prepare a client that is a suitable replacement for our own. As a final note, of course FTB was going to have people upset with them over this. I knew that from day one. So did the entire FTB team and so did the group of mod developers that were also involved in this from the beginning. I understand completely that our reputation has and will continue to take a hit. We all felt that the risk was worth the reward. There are a lot of people with negative comments, mainly to be honest regarding Curse. I choose, however to approach this deal optimistically, until such time as that is proved to be unwarranted.
  3. np, I came here to answer questions originally, done that as best as I can. ill leave you to your conspiracy theory stuff again.
  4. Just to be clear I have not deleted anything anywhere. I am not even allowed to be on the moderation team of that Reddit from my understanding as it has to remain totally independant. Thats the first thing, the second is this. If I have in some way misread the intent of the post that Kakermix made, then I apologise completely. I wasn't in any way commenting at all on the rest of the team or there motives and was purely going on the basis of what was written. Also I just checked, everything still seems to be where it was on Reddit, thread can be found here http://www.reddit.com/r/feedthebeast/comments/1ut98s/ftb_and_forge_curse_partnership/ Sort by new and the relevent parts are near the top. Finally and I know again this may be me misreading somehow but there is no mention of Kakermix turning them down, if anything it reads like the opposite is true. The post says 'The best part was I responded to the offer (after talking with Duncan a few times over the phone) with 'dramatic increase in what is being offered'. The response was 'we cant afford that' and thats where the talking stopped. From how I read that, it feels like Curse ended the negotiations and not Kakermix. Again if I have either misread this then I apologise but I can only go off the information in the post.
  5. Yes I have and will continue to take legal advice. Also please remember, this isn't just me that has gone into this agreement. A lot of people were consulted beforehand and remain completely in the loop on this entire process.
  6. @GenPage I dont blame Technic, Like I said I dont like it particularly like the way that its built because it allows other people to bypass permissions. But to blame technic is kind of like blaming Pirates Bay for indexing p2p files. But I dont think my approval was ever really needed was it. I was just providing as an example that neither system is perfect. Your second question is indeed a good one. We literally havent even started on this yet and most certainly do not have all the answers to all the questions at this time, just a broad outline of an idea.
  7. I would say your own technic platform disproves that. 2554 pages of modpacks with 10 packs a page, I think theres quite a few people interested in making packs customised for their own individual needs.
  8. no actually the point I was trying to make is I could sit here talking all day, but they are just words. I was saying judge it on its end result. But ok its not like its a secret as to what the vision is. It doesnt really apply to the packs we build, thats all fine and good. This is more aimed at the third party stuff. Lets look at the FTB way of doing things at the moment. Its over restrictive and a bit of a hurdle to get a pack on the FTB launcher. The main issue being we vet every pack and they have to be distributed from our repo. This is mainly a security concern but it creates huge restrictions. It also mean we have to manually check each pack for permissions. The platform way of doing it is the polar opposite if you like, its almost like it completely unrestricted. That means that people can put almost anything into a modpack and Technic distribute it. Again not what I would call a perfect method. With the upcoming FTB launcher we hoped to introduce a new automated system that would allow you to log onto our website, select the mods you want from a list of pre-approved mods that we had collated and the pack would be constructed automatically from this list. You then upload your configs (the universal config would help with this process) upload any mod that was specific to your pack (if appropriate) and this get added onto our launcher automatically. Its goal was to remove a lot of the restrictions that are currently there. It would also make the process of updating packs much easier. The new vision is essentially the same, however we wouldn't use our mod pack as a list we would be able to give people access to the entire curseforge library to build and update packs from. Everything we want to achieve, we could do. However Curse can do it better.
  9. I will just put up the post numbers that relate to the answers I am giving, theres not much sense to the order here as I am going from post #1 down #2 You do realise FTB supported Third Party Mod Packs way before platform did right? There is no jealousy as I still dont really agree with Platforms ability to bypass permissions, but thats a different debate. #3 The moderation team for FTB will remain the same as it is now. No one has come to me and said they want to leave because of this. #4 I dont know if this helps, but we are not merging our forums into another set of forums, we are just changing the location. Will there be ads? yes but then that was probably always going to happen and its not like ours will be the forst website with ads on. #6 silly post #8 A completely new launcher for Minecraft is being developed. Once this deal takes place, Lex and myself will be running the project. Nothing from FTB will be moving over to the curse client until we say it does. There are no hard timelines on this. #13 We absolutely do not need Curse for anything, we are going into this deal because whist there are potential risks, I believe the potential benefits for the entire community outweigh those risks. We are in a perfect position for this bargain, it costs me nothing to say no to this. #16 As already noted here, Curse are not purchasing any assets here. Forge will remain open source. #18 Completely agreed freakachu. The only difference is I am going into this beleiving we can achieve those goals. You are totally right to wait and make judgement on our actions and not our words. #20 I still havent heard anyone give me a good reason to not like Curse. If its because they haves then that is fair enough. But beyond that this only works if we create something people want to use. If we make something rubbish, no one will use it and a whole load of development money goes out the window. We cant force people to use this stuff and its not like there aren't several viable alternatives out there. We want people to use this new launcher becuase its good. #24 Plenty of youtubers sign agreements with networks, I assume you have the same problem with them as well. #29 I hope to prove you wrong. #32 FTB became a business at the beginning of October, our first contact with Curse was several weeks later. There was no connection between the 2. #35 1) They cant do this, they dont and will not own Forge. 2) They cant do this, they dont and will not own Forge #36 As things stand, Forge does have its uses for FTB yes #42 1) In this instance I have heard nothing to indicate even remotely that lex has a number, however that is only my opinion. I can say that Lex is very adamant that Forge remain independent. 2) I think you would be surprised actually. I think as far as manpower goes we are almost the same. excluding people like moderators etc. We have 2 people working part time on the website, 2 people working part time on modpacks (remember we have several modpacks that we work on and currently 1 person working part time on the launcher. 3) Curseforge is not massively popular now no, thats our job to change it into a place that mod developers and end users 'want' to use in order to increase its popularity. Again this only works if CurseForge is good. 4) It a conditional part of the deal that other launchers can access the mods on the site in some fashion (yes this includes technic ) Of course this doesn't mean you have to, but the facility will be there, should you choose to use it. 5) Risk isnt the right word, I would say gain is more appropriate, Curse has a lot to gain if this is done right. 6) This is a high risk move for both parties. There is a substantial amount of developmentwork to be done (hence the timeline) thats a lot of salaries tied up on this project. I am totally aware that this as the potential to trash the FTB name. It is something I have spent a lot of time thinking about and talking to others about. However I still believ that the potential reward outweighs this risk. 7) Again the switchover happens when I say it happens and I wont allow that until such time as the launcher is in a place i feel is satisfactory. 8) This is another actions is louder than words. I would say dont judge us on the current launcher, it is not related to the one we will be using. There will be no artificial limiting of bandwidth etc. As to the launchers themselves, The technic launcher is OK, the current FTB launcher is also OK as long as your talking about packs you create yourself. If we do a bad job, people can still use the technic launcher. I will say however though, our goal is to make a better launcher than both the current FTB launcher and all other launchers out there. No one is going to be forced into using the Curse Client, our job is to build a client you want to use. The question that should be asked is 'What do I get out of this' You are completely right in that, but ask it at the right time when there is a way for you to get an answer. This is still very early days. I have a vision of what I want to help build here, will I succeed. I wont know unless I try.
  10. Lots of really good questions here, its good to come back to this site to get a decent synopsis of potential issues and problems. I am going to go through and answer as many as I can over the next 20 minutes for you all.
  11. Just to clarify, yes I was unbanned a while ago by SCT, no I have not felt the need to post on here since then. I have not yet tried hexxit, so it would be difficult for me to copy it. UHS is a third party mod pack created by one of the members of the team that help to build our modpacks. I have not compared the list of mods in UHS with Hexxit so I have no idea how close to each other they are. Feel free to 'call me out' if you like.' I would suggest you have a clue what your talking about first though. To clarify UHS is not a FTB modpack. It is just a pack that is distributed through our launcher.
  12. yeah JakJ, ive already PM'ed Cheapshot about that. I will leave it for cheapshot to make the entire content ot the PM public if he chooses to, I have no objection to it.
  13. wow tha was sooooo bad i will rty to fix that with help I am being laughed at right now
  14. K so am about 15-20 minutes into a sleeping tablet. sooo this post may be a bit weird or something. Things to debate while we wait for Kakermix to get settled in and catch up. Who is the biggest doochback on here today. 1) Slowpoke101 for the most epic troll in history 3) Loorollthos for doing whatever he did on Youtube and silently disappearing into the misty nighty nighty. 3) JakJ for weing well almost human 4) Kakermix For not having settled in already and be itching to join in our little frey. 5) Darth Moogl for well being a Moogle. I wouldnt hold much hope on the Mod API being a cure all fix to a mods life and installing mods. I think I will leave that comment till I am awake befoe justifying that. Interoperability is the holy grail for the end user, I dont think we will ever get there. But as long as we all at least tring to get there. then wewill endeavor onwards into the breach my friends, we shall neva! surrender blah de blah blah blah; yippeekayay meme wow dizzy.
  15. I am sorry, could you please point me to somewhere I have said I have ALL the mod authors on a teamspeak channel, that is incorrect and I will fix it. I most certainly do not speak to all the mod makers, however I do consider a lot of them to be friends. I am not sure what you want from me in this regard though, its common knowledge I play on the pahicraft server. It is also common knowledge that I am an admin on the direwolf20 IRC. You want a list of the devs I am in regular contact with, um OK I suppose. I have close ties to Eloraam, Covert Jaguar, CPW, DaStormbringer, Lex Manos, Odedex, Overmind, RichardG and Player, Searge from MCP, Sengir and Krapht of course. Tahg is an active member of the FTB team. Pahimar and Xen0phobe (although Xeno isnt around much any more) Chicken Bones, iChun, xComp, VSWE, immibis, Azanor, (to the best of my knowledge I am the only person pre-approved for Thaumcraft 3).. Do you need me to carry on dropping names or is this enough. I am pretty sure that every single person on that list with only one exception is regularly on the Teamspeak channel I run. This is by no means a complete list, just the ones I can think of off the top of my head. So yeah, I think it is fair to say that my knowledge of the viewpoints of the mod developers is more accurate than pretty much anybody on this forum. So now I have answered your questions, please do me the courtesy of answering mine. 1) What information was it that I 'probably' shared with DocM was incorrect. 2) What are the 'Many' counts that I was proven wrong on? 3) Where is this discussion that I started on this forum? 4) who is the troll here I haven't finished by the way 5) I ask again, what facts am I misrepresenting. These are genuine questions, if you can provide answers to any of them, I will happily in public acknowledge them. Also if I have in any way misrepresented the facts, I will also happily correct them in public. I am going to finish this post on a final note. What happens with me from here on out is directly down to you. Personally I do not care what happens, I am placing this in your hands. If it remains your belief Lothos that I am going behind technics back misrepresenting them and If you genuinely believe the information you have posted. Then I am happy to take your word for it and I will withdraw myself from any further negotiations between technic and the mod developers. However, if you come to the decision that you have publicly misrepresented me and my actions, I will happily accept a public apology both here and on the relevent youtube thread from DocM's video. I will take a none answer that your viewpoint hasn't changed. If I am truly as you say Talking trash about technic to people outside of these forums, then I have no business being in the middle of any discussion.
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