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  1. The paradox pack We at The Paradox Network aim to bring you multiple types of servers for your personal leasure. We aim to keep it professional as much as possible while making sure everything remains operational and enjoyable for the community. We currently have an custom server and a b-team server. While we are still very much in the earlier stages of a network, we aim to grow to a stage where we can continue to provide a steady service for all our members, for as long as we are able to. ip and where to download are as follows: ip: url to place in Technic launcher is: Plugins: AsyncWorldEdit AutoBroadcaster BanItem BukkitCompat ChatEx ClearLag CoreProtect CraftBukkitUpToDate EnjinMinecraftPlugin Essentials EssentialsChat EssentialsSpawn GAListener HelpList MyMOTD PermissionsEx Questioner ScoreboardStats SignChestShop SpawnJoin TheMCSL Towny TownyChat VanishNoPacket Vault Votifier WorldBorder WorldEdit WorldGuard Rules: Our golden rule is to be respectful to one another. Do not swear or be excessively obnoxious/vulgar/immature. Do not ask staff for a rank, we will say no unless you make an application, but even then, that does not guarantee you a position. If you need help, do not shout in chat with capslock, just type /help op [your message] No taglocking in protected areas such as, but not limited to, spawn, safezones or warps. No exploiting banned items or duplication glitches. Please do not build bases in The End, The Nether and The Promised Lands, we reset those worlds frequently to prevent lag. No usage of hacked clients or other mods. The only exception is OptiFine. Do NOT make any accusations or rumors upon any players or staff publicly. Contact staff before stating any controversy. If you catch anyone breaking any rules and it is repeatedly happening, capture screenshots and contact staff. Do not ask for creative. Do not grief, you may only go to war. The difference? Raiding is going to war with another town to see who is the strongest. Griefing is destroying blocks in protected zones. Do NOT morph into massive mobs. Massive mobs include Brachiosaurus or T-Rex in spawn. Or you will be smitten. The only exception are Ghasts. Do not speak in all caps. No advertising Staff are NOT involved in player deals. If you are scammed, we are not to be involved. This is your own personal dispute but approach it with our primary golden rule. Specs: The servers we run are on 20GB RAM, 3.7GHz processor, WorldEdit is handled by a separate core. Our heaviest modpacks run off of our strongest dedicated servers, thus minimizing the lag as much as we can, we gain an average of 19.58 TPS, which is above average for a modded minecraft server. The network we're currently operating on is 250 mbits Applied Energistics Bibliocraft Big Reactors Biomes O' Plenty Blood Magic Carpenter's Blocks Chisel Custom NPCs Darwin Extra Utilities Food Plus Hamsterrific Infernal Mobs Inventory Tweaks Magical Crops Mapwriter Mekanism Minefactory Reloaded More Records Natura Not Enough Codecs Not Enough Items OpenBlocks OpenEye Project Red Secret Rooms Statues Thaumcraft Thaumic Tinkerer Thermal Expansion Tinkers' Construct Underground Biomes Waila Waypoints
  2. competition is over. thank you for participation. we are now sister severing with chillax so we also have a hexxit and a pix-lel-mon.
  3. server art comp the winner will get a job (will be paid for with donor rank or money witchever is preferred)
  4. HELLO ALL! and good day to you i would like to membertinize two ppl myself and a friend he has not been on the server as of now but will be tonight plz think about letting us join you all seem vary friendly. our igns are as follows redstone_robot and anthony__zombie