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  1. The paradox pack We at The Paradox Network aim to bring you multiple types of servers for your personal leasure. We aim to keep it professional as much as possible while making sure everything remains operational and enjoyable for the community. We currently have an custom server and a b-team server. While we are still very much in the earlier stages of a network, we aim to grow to a stage where we can continue to provide a steady service for all our members, for as long as we are able to. ip and where to download are as follows: ip: custom.the-paradox-network.com url to place in Tech
  2. competition is over. thank you for participation. we are now sister severing with chillax so we also have a hexxit and a pix-lel-mon.
  3. server art comp http://www.the-paradox-network.com/forum/m/22436035/viewthread/13597081-art-competition-d-winner-gets-job-will-figure-out-payment-after/page/1 the winner will get a job (will be paid for with donor rank or money witchever is preferred)
  4. HELLO ALL! and good day to you i would like to membertinize two ppl myself and a friend he has not been on the server as of now but will be tonight plz think about letting us join you all seem vary friendly. our igns are as follows redstone_robot and anthony__zombie
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