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  1. First i searched Thank You and came up with no results, then Thanks and got the 10 pages of kitty jail. To me this seems a little sad.
  2. Ok then (hope this isn't considered low effort posting)
  3. I have, all that comes up are 10 pages of kitty jail
  4. I've noticed that a lot of people are flaming the technic team. In the few months I've been on these forums, i haven't seen a single thread thanking the technic team for all the work that they have put in the modpacks and launcher. So, I would like to give a big thank you to them for the incredible job they have done with the modpacks and launcher. I have enjoyed the modpacks they have made for the past months and plan to continue to enjoy them. Thank You!
  5. Granted, but Grand Master Chief decides your nose is a little to far to the right. He burns your face off with a Spartan laser. I wish that Dr. Who's new season would be played on American TV.
  6. Granted. You fall off the banana boats and forget who you are. You convince yourself you are a circus clown, who likes to lock herself (you also convince yourself, despite contradictory evidence, you are a girl) into the trunk of the tiny cars your troop rides in. I wish you could get all the original Pokemon in the newer generations.
  7. Your toaster is made out of a lava casing with the heating irons made out of the core of a type O star. Your toast is burnt, badly. I wish for parents who have a good balance of normal and wierd.
  8. You do this. Then you learn that you learned wrong. This causes you to doubt everything you've ever learned. Your mind is blown, literally. I wish that people would chill out and not overreact to every rumor and lie that is spewed from the mouths of the incompetent.
  9. You decide to ziptie yourself to your desk I wish that I had gravity powers
  10. The -200 year old computer is sentient and decides to take over the world. I wish that my Graphics teacher wasn't a total scatterbrain
  11. I'm just wondering, does anyone know how to install a server control panel onto a machine that you own. E.G. you host your server and would like an interface you could access from anywhere. I already have a MySQL server and an Apache webserver
  12. jjssman, just saying, don't sign your posts, its against the forum rules, the mods wont like it
  13. Just saying, CommandBook seems to work perfectly with ForgeBukkit
  14. Hawkeye and CommandBook work fully with this also, but the CommandBook /spawnmob seems not able to spawn riders but I don't know if this is caused by the api or is a bug in the plugin
  15. Wait will this work for ANY 1.4.6 forge server?!?!?!?!!? EDIT: Would this work for Voltz ?!?!?!!?!?!?!?! Double Edit: Sry for the excessive ?!, I find this incredible and total awesome
  16. Use this instead of asking here: http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/small-scale-recruitment-thread.22584/ What you did may be breaking the rule about asking people to find you a server. (just an fyi)
  17. You are partially right, it has to do with ranks. The weight setting has to do with the order the permissions are read. Since this was posted in November, I have to ask, has this problem already been fixed? If so, what was wrong with it?
  18. Minecraft login servers are down, its a sad day for us players, there is nothing you can do to help it, just wait it out,i think the counts as a comma splice, don't you,??
  19. Server is back to 3.1.2 have fun with the rotary maceraters again!
  20. Re-type your login info, and make sure you can login to minecraft.net, if not you account may have been stolen. If this is the case contact Mojang immediately.
  21. Check if the hamachi on both is turned on, ALTERNATIVELY if the server is hosted localy(on the same network(all the computers are connected to the same router))then you can use the internal ip to connect to it.
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