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  1. Would you mind sending me a PM with a list of banned and whitelisted players then? P.S. Server should be up later tonight, however the connection will be limited to 8 players as that is the most that my internet can handle well.
  2. I might be able to set up a server running off of my home internet connection. Do you mind if I do so m1?
  3. That sounds like the modpack author goofed and put in the wrong like.
  4. There are notes about what I think needs to be changed in column A, hover over the black triangle at the top right of each ore to see them.
  5. Results for the trials that I did tonight with the new spawning configs: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NAxRSco06o-zICGKs7sPvXnoJHYfrfgIbAk-_mStzxQ/edit?usp=sharing
  6. I do not see where he lists 78 mods, however in the main post I see where he has listed 71 mods and the phrase "And many extentions to these mods! " Also, the recent talk of the remaking of the pack we use on the server that has taken up most of the last page should tell you that the list there may not be correct.
  7. Do you remember which versions of copper? The reason that I ask is because when I tested this in the new version of the pack every kind worked fine.
  8. I just tested them out, and Mekanism ores work in thermal expansion Pulverizers, AE2 Grindstones, and are in the ore dictionary (therefore work in any machine using the ore dictionary, which is every major mod.) And no, Metallurgy does not change other mods ore spawning, but it does provide a centralized method to control most of the common ores in the game. E.G. Copper, Tin, Iron, Zinc, and Brass. What I found as the easiest way to control ore spawning is to disable all other mod versions of a ore (So not having 6 different coppers), and only enable one mod's version. Since Metallurgy h
  9. Metallurgy is pretty nice, and it is a very good way to centralize ore generation ( I used it a while ago when I was setting up the ore gen for the modded server I set up). I would enjoy having it in the pack.
  10. Please have a similar plugin set up to last time, and of all things please no Essentials!
  11. 1) when you download the installer, there is an option to extract the jar file, do that, and then put that jar file into the 1.7.10 folder. You don't actually need to touch the versions.json file. 2) The unofficial version is, it was updated by tonious11 (author of SimplyJetpacks) however I think that he removed the download links, i can send it to you. Something that I just noticed: Remove all files except the modpack.jar file from the bin folder.
  12. Alright, here ya go: 1) Install liteloader so that voxelmap works (liteloader jar goes into the 1.7.10 folder in the mods directory) 2) Add bspkrscore, ArmorStatusHUD, StatusEffectHUD, NEIPlugins Unofficial 3) Remove OPIS from the main pack since you are the only one who can use it 4) Update Galaticraft, CoFHCore, MineFactoryReloaded, and 5) Maybe add In-Game Wiki mod since it is pretty cool (And because pneumaticraft keeps whining about it not being in the pack) 6) Run an update check for the rest of the mods, especially since many are in beta and therefore are updating often. 7) Clear
  13. Staff should clearly be cuddled. They need to know that we appreciate them. Caressing them makes them feel too loved and therefore makes them a little lax (Shame on them!). Whereas cuddling them makes them feel all warm and cozy inside, but also reminds them that, like Santa, they determine, figuratively, what we get for Christmas. Coal, in the form of warnings/bans, or presents, in the form of funny replies to low effort posts (See the Whale Box).
  14. Yes, I run my own server, but it is not forge modded. I would like to join this community because here I wouldn't be expected to be an authority figure, and I could focus on actually playing the game instead of administering the game.
  15. Most version checks are disable-able in the respective mod config file. Look for something like "Version Check" or "Update Notification" Edit: I noticed that you posted this in another section as well. Please try to only post it once in an appropriate location, it helps keep the forums clean and easy to navigate for people that are trying to help.
  16. IGN: PBlock96 Why I would like to join the community: I have wanted to find a nice community that I can join that isn't focused on PvP and donations for a long time, and it seems as though I have found it. I have a large amount of experience with modded Minecraft, running modded servers, and being helpful in general. I have also been looking for a larger modpack that allows for large bases and a more enjoyable experience, which this fits nicely.
  17. What I did to get your pack to run: 1) Added CodeChickenCore from here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/1279956-chickenbones-mods 2) Removed ThermalExpansion since it is for MC 1.6.4 3) Added CoFH Core, Thermal Foundation, and Thermal Expansion from here: http://teamcofh.com/downloads/ 4) Removed OpenBlocks-Mod-1.7.10.jar as it does not follow the OpenMods's naming standards. ** The Open Mods Team does not have an official version out for 1.7.10. 5) Removed Ender-Storage-Mod.jar as it does not follow ChickenBones's naming sta
  18. Here is what I did to get your pack to launch correctly: Change the version of Rotarycraft to the official version found here: https://sites.google.com/site/reikasminecraft/rotarycraft Added DragonAPI Since it is a dependency for Rotarycraft. Fixed ID conflicts. I mainly found ID conflicts in Rotarycraft and Growthcraft. Removed Optifine
  19. Set the block ID to zero. Most mods will recognize that as disabling the block. However, I would test this on a single player world first.
  20. The entire platform is being redesigned, they Technic Team talks about it here: http://www.twitch.tv/sctx/c/3976807
  21. This needs to go in the Tekkit Lite section of the Tracker located here: http://forums.technicpack.net/tracker/project-5-tekkit-lite/
  22. It looks like a needed path does not exist, you may want to delete the solder files (copy out the ones that you have configured and put them back when done), redownload them, and put them back on.
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