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  1. I have made 3 different modpacks along with running their servers, and I have successfully linked solder with them.
  2. Hi, I have run a few modpack servers and would be willing to help out.
  3. Added to the whitelist, check '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> for updated connection/pack information.
  4. Added to the whitelist, check '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> for updated information as to how to connect, and the link to get the modpack.
  5. Yep, you were on the list that M1 gave me. Added as of 5:09 EST 1/3/15
  6. Glad that the new launcher (Luncher?) is finely here and working perfectly!

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      My luncher makes me many sammaches!

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      I luv me sammaches in teh morn.

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      what's a luncher? xD

  7. From the main page of your modpack, click "Edit Modpack" on the right. On the page that comes up there is a button at the very bottom that says "Delete Modpack".
  8. What version of java are you using? Could we please get a log from the client? What build of the client are you using? Have you tried using the beta builds of the launcher?
  9. If you could answer the other questions in the whitelist application I would be glad to. Why are you interested in the server? Do you have any previous experience with playing modpacks? If so, please give us a basic summery.
  10. Updated the modpack to fix a bunch of annoying bugs. As of now the only known bug is Mekanism's power system does not connect to Ender IO Conduits. Please avoid using Mekanism generators until I can find a set of versions that do not have this bug.
  11. Updated the modpack to a version controlled by me. Everyone will need to install the new pack.
  12. On the server we have those versions, check the directory that the pack is installed to and see what versions of those mods you have.
  13. If you would still like to be whitelisted, please re-apply here: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
  14. Lucki Craft 2.0! In opening this server we have two goals. 1) Recreate the awesome atmosphere of Lucki Craft run my M1dude (Recently Closed) and 2) To forge a server with a great community. This server offers a well-balanced modpack with a great long-term world, a simple set of non-intrusive plugins, and a great small community! We are currently accepting applications for whitelisting. We have a whitelist because we wish to have a nice community, and we do not require any previous experience, in-fact we welcome anyone who is new to the modded side of Minecraft and will try to help you lea
  15. Alright, so I have 2 versions of a working server. The first is a version that is pure forge, and that contains FastCraft, which helps significantly with server lag. The second version contains Cauldron, yet lacks FastCraft, and while Cauldron itself has built in lag-reducing features, it is not as effective as Fastcraft. The Cauldron version of the server also lets us have bukkit plugins such as CommandBook (which added a bunch of handy commands such as /home, /warp, /spawn, etc.). So I would like to ask everyone what version they would prefer. Quick list of Pros and Cons of each: Cauldron
  16. I should be, I have a working forge-only version of the server, and atm I am working on getting a version with bukkit plugins running. EDIT: I have a bit of experience running modpack servers
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