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  1. This is true, but many people use Linux instead of Windows on their home computers. Also, this looks really nice, good work! I wish I had this when I was first setting up Solder!
  2. 1) You have a 1.7.2 version of forge and are trying to run 1.6.4 minecraft. 2) You have not included your config files in the modpack, that is bad, and will lead to a broken pack. Include them. 3) All of your mods except Railcraft and IronChests are 1.6.4. (They are 1.7.2) These will need to be changed to 1.6.4 versions, or they will not work. 4) You have idfixminus in your production pack. This is not a reliable way for everyone to get the same item ids. You need to manually resolve any conflicts in the pack.
  3. 1) Just a friendly hint, you may want to re-read the posting rules and edit your post before a wild mankey comes along. 2) Check this one out! http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/unknowncraftofficial.378903
  4. It probably has something to do with MCPC+ not working exactly like bukkit.
  5. Well, for one thing, your pack is not set up on a direct download link. It needs to be a link that when you click on it it immediately downloads it, no waiting, no clicking on a button. There are a few tutorials on how and where you can do this. I suggest that you take a look at lukeb's >Click Me!
  6. Really? Thats my ip too! ( is the ip for your own computer Click me!)
  7. Could we get a link to your platform page please? And from just downloading that, you will want to include the config files for the mods. Also, you may want to re-read the rules. It is against them to sign your posts.
  8. Ok, go to where you installed the Technic launcher, then go into modpacks, then tekkit, then config, then railcraft, then, open up railcraft.cfg. On line 20 there is a config option that looks like this block.elevator=207 Change it to: block.elevator=212
  9. 1) I would advise 2-3 GB of RAM (If you intend for 5 to be on at the same time at most I would go with 2GB) Other factors that can influence how much RAM you need: -How many chunks are going to be loaded. If everyone is going to be spread out, you will need more RAM. -How many dimensions you will have loaded. -Lots of machines/items = lots of checks for destinations 2) If you are playing with your friends I would advise against any plugins, but if you must, I would advise only plugins that are very lightweight E.G. Not Essentials. Maybe WorldEdit. 3) If anyone answers this t
  10. This may be a problem with MCPC+. When you used the plugin before, was it with bukkit or spiggot?
  11. Could we get a link to the platform page please?
  12. It looks like you somehow got an item id conflict between Railcraft and Computercraft. Try changing the elevator rail id from 207 to 212.
  13. Does this work with the Technic Platform/Solder, or just with the Technic Team packs?
  14. Hey, all you need to do is read the stickies in this sub forum.
  15. They are in the More Swords config file, which is located in the config folder of your install. They are under Enchantment ID's.
  16. Your modpack is improperly zipped. The modpack needs to be structured like so: modpack.zip(naming doesn't matter) bin modpack.jar mods (all of the mod files) config (all of the config files) You also need to include the config files. There are several enchantment id conflicts that you need to fix as well ( from More Swords Mods).
  17. What I did to get it to run: Replaced the dev version of NEI with the recomended version for 1.6.4 Remove PokeMart mod. It looks like it is outdated. You should also include config files. It is not very often that mods do not have id conflicts like in this pack.
  18. It sounds like you are running Minecraft_server.jar instead of Tekkit.jar. Try running launch.bat (or start.bat) and then connecting to that server.
  19. Try turning your graphics settings down. If you do not have a good GPU, or good integrated graphics, this can cause you to lag. E.G. Graphics: Fast Render Distance: Short Smooth Lighting: Off Performance: Max FPS Clouds: Off Advanced OpenGL: On Particles: Decreased Use VSync: On
  20. You could set up a server, op yourself, and just not port forward it. With this method you could set the server up on a different computer, and then connect to it with your client.
  21. Did you send the exact copy of the server to me? I am asking because that is all that I had to do to get it to work.
  22. The server you are playing on might have it disabled.
  23. First: On to the help: Remove everything except the modpack.jar from the bin folder (What you did here is technically illegal). Get rid of the cache folder The coremods folder is no longer in use, move IC2 to the mods folder. Get rid of the saves folder Get rid of the stats folder Package the bin, config, and mods folder in a .zip file instead of a .rar file. You may want to update the mods as well.
  24. We cannot help without a link to your pack on the platform?
  25. You may want to try this: os.pullEvent = os.pullEventRaw local side = "left" -- Change left to whatever side your door / redstone is on. local password = "bacon" -- Change bacon to what you want your password to be. Be sure to leave the "s around it, though local opentime = 5 -- Change 5 to how long (in seconds) you want the redstone current to be on. while true do term.clear() -- Clears the screen term.setCursorPos(1,1) -- Fixes the cursor position write("Password: ") -- Prints 'Password: ' to the screen local input = read("*") -- Makes the variable 'input' have the contents of what th
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