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  1. This isn't an error, its b/c matamos(all the extra sounds) isn't updated, you can do nothing to fix it besides wait till it goes away. The forestry errors are b/c Railcraft is looking for the forestry items.(yay basic speekz)
  2. Old Server Map corrupted, The staff is working on making spawn, I managed to keep everyone inventories from being deleted, Please bear with us through this transitional period. TEMPORARILY white-listed until the staff can get everything set up for the new map, sorry guys. Server SHOULD be back to normal by noon tomorrow Everything is back to normal.
  3. ok but did you check the stickies, they have help for common issues, besides a mod could have been on the help section and have seen it that fast, its not unknown to happen.
  4. So your saying that you break the rules and hope the mods don't see it? Even though they look at pretty much every thread? Look at your help plea and see if it was already addressed in the stickies, that is the most likly reason
  5. Or people should obey the rules in this Oligarchy so that they don't get kellered......
  6. Lol OP'er got banned fast, I have a new respect for the mods
  7. I wonder whats going to happen when a moderator sees this low-effort post? It couldn't possibly be a Kellering, or for that fact even a warning, nope! :P
  8. You also can use many plugins such as Disguisecraft and MobDisguise to "change" into other players.
  9. You can't, when you login in offline mode, you log in as "Player", this makes offline mode kind of useless. You have to have a valid premium minecraft account, without it you cannot download the pack, OR logon to a server
  10. Exactly, When in my posts did I say that they were OP?(@poryy) Btw you forgot to add void rings.
  11. Yes, people can take a transmutation tablet, and make red matter armor and a Kline Star Omega in under 10 minutes, thats with nothing besides a transmutation tablet and a few resources. My main point is that I have disabled only the items that I think are griefing tools or have duping glitches.(GLITCHES not just moving EMC around) If you want a full list of banned items, look at my server post UnknownCraft.
  12. Wait What? how did we get to that??????
  13. Collectors relays and condensers are NOT disabled. Transmutation tablets are disabled because people can dupe anything with them. I don't care if you wouldn't grief, someone would and it would be a pain to clean up. No I didn't call any server owners stupid, what I meant by that was find a server owner you could pressure into changing their server JUST for you. Yes there are some trolls (1 or 2 on in the afternoon and 1 in the morning(EST)), but if you troll them back, everyone gets a good laugh and has a good time. I am ok with a P.A.I.N.S. match ,but I won't be able to respond every day b/c
  14. What do you define as good? All the stuff you can grief with? All the stuff you can glitch stuff in with with very little effort? In that case yes, everything "good" is disabled. That is because I don't like cheating. If you like cheating find an incompetent owner, not me. How so? Is it because all of the "good" stuff is disabled? Or is it because of a good reason, something that is not an opinion. Ex: The lag is horrible, The people are extremely mean. P.S. Please keep it civil and don't spam caps. **EDIT**Sorry, didn't read the post about crappy keyboard.
  15. errr WorldGuard can block all damage, enviromental, potion, void, pvp, ect
  16. Personally i cant stand griefers, I don't know about you guys ,but I think they should go into zoos. That is where the Griefer Zoo comes in place. What is this Griefer zoo? Well here at Unknowncraft we have a top of the line Griefer Zoo. It has World class Mob protection, World protection, and it gives griefers a 100% wool bed for those chilly nights in the tundra. (I'll add a picture when the login servers stop acting stupid.)
  17. Pvp is on for certain areas only, and yes the Transmutation tablet is banned, that is because of the duping glitch with it
  18. They did this b/c you were reportedly Racist AND Rude
  19. Yes, my admin told me about this, he said you were being extreamly rude and racist.
  20. I see no ip silly boxer *Looks around nervously checking to see if the Mods saw*
  21. I have the exact same feeling, thats why I started my server Unknowncraft. Unknowncraft is a No-Pvp No-Griefing server, I try to encourage a good community. MOD NOTE: Keep advertising to the server boards please.
  22. On a random note: WTF is with your Picture?!?!?!?!?!? looks like an Indian/Chinese monk head mixed with a little rodent(Teeth) and an elf (Ears), Dear God, Please let this pic be Photoshoped! Sincerely, Disturbed User
  23. Ty for showing me this Sp0nge, fixed it on my server by change the tank cart id then ban them in the mod config(and modifyworld)
  24. Since you want to break the rules, check out this post http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/do-not-ask-others-to-find-you-a-tekkit-server.22029/ Long live the Stickies!
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