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  1. I'd really, really help pl0x, if I knew who he / she is.
  2. Maybe something like this? (Title is german, but nothing is spoken)
  3. So guys, Bad news on my side. 1. My Internet / general Location. I live in Germany, and my internet isnt the best. This means that i got a horrible latency on the server. That means: -Chat is super-delayed -World takes AGES building up -> if i die, i have to wait a minute until i'm running again -mobs are also delayed. So if i want to slay a creeper, I have to foresee its moves and punch a block of air where it will stand. Also my damage is delayed: If i fall, I'll take damage 10 seconds later. This renders the whole thing a BIT unplayable for me. 2. My computer was taken away. I'm currently very very fucked up at school. VERY fucked up. So my parents decided to take away my computer although they needed a big amount of time to realize they should. But I'm not angry at them; Instead I hope I'm getting back up at school.
  4. How was the IP / adress again? I can't seem to connect... Nevermind. Also still the same FU****G latency on there... D: (I live in Germany and... meh, my Internet is a bit better than ISDN, so...)
  5. OH, that can't be it, right? I just had to go to bed and now? NOW I see, the server is up since an hour or so. Adrew you... xD
  6. So Guys... A reset isnt bad for me. But ... yeah, what was the ip again? oh forget it i know it now. Also, where is this forum located? Edit: ok. I either misspelled the IP or the server is offline. Anyway, reset it.
  7. So Guys. Im back too. Or something. What the fuck happened the whole time? And why is andrew keller'd and so on? And can I join again?
  8. Can you maybe contact me through PM? I Never got any Tapatalk mails (although i sub'd to the thread) about Technic Battles. Also, what happened to andrewdonshik? What the hell was going on...?

    Also, is the server still up? And, where was the point of me being removed from WarpTech? Can I join again? So please PM me, I'm very confused about this...

  9. First, it has to be ported back to 1.2.5, and then there has to be a bukkit port i think. Edit @Omicron I'd wait for a 1.2.5 port of CC 1.43, because 1.3 was ported to 1.1 too.
  10. Read through the whole topic to find an alternative link.
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