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  1. I don't think many people will need this, but I'm sure someone will find it helpful. Nice vid.
  2. I think I'ma run my friends that are new to Tekkit throguh this on my server. Thanks!
  3. That's... Very strange O.o
  4. If you need another, I'd be glad to help test :D
  5. Yeah... That seems very complicated... Just add the regular rar/zip to the \tekkit\texturepacks folder in your .techniclauncher directory...
  6. No, they're not using a different texture pack. Instead, you add files to your Sphax texture pack rar/zip/whatever. Here's the files you need, choose the one that matches your resolution: http://bdcraft.net/node/65 Then, just open up the regular Sphax texture pack (the rar in your texture pack folder), then basically just select all the files from within the folder you just downloaded, and drag them into the texture pack rar. That should do it!
  7. I meant more in the way of technic=technical (as in complex, advanced mods) rather than technic=technology And yeah, just got into Thaumcraft... Vurry cool
  8. Yeah, fun awesome mods that revolve around tech :D
  9. Erm, I've never really been interested in the whole dark shtuff. I like laughing and vidya games too much O.O
  10. Meh. Looks pretty cool, but as stated above, I don't really think it fits in the Technic Pack, just sayin'...
  11. Diamond Pickaxe, Diamond Drill, Red Matter Pickaxe, Dark Matter Picakxe, and I think that may be it? I don't really mine a lot of obsidian, personally O.O
  12. I enjoyed the hell outta GTA IV, and still play online with friends. It was a living city, and as Kaker said earlier, the driving was great! And the physics? You can't tell me that was one of the greatest improvements in the GTA series. I enjoyed the customization of San Andreas, but GTA IV had fun characters, fun story, and a great engine. http://kotaku.com/5855980/grand-theft-auto-v-will-be-the-series-biggest-game-rockstar-says?tag=gtav Kotaku has a whole section on GTA V, check it out!
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