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  1. hay i would like to help out in the beta i am pretty experienced in tekkit. my IGN: RaG3_x_MaStErS
  2. IGN: RaG3_x_MaStErS TIMEZONE: GMT Scotland AGE: 16 EXPERIENCE: i have had about 4 months experience with tekkit but alot before that with mods REASON TO JOIN: looking for a good serever that isnt laggy and i can play on
  3. IGN: RaG3_x_MaStErS Age: 16 Skype: rag3.x.masters How long will you spend on a day: about 2-5 hours Reason for wanting to join: looking for a new server to join Favorite build: EMC Farms EE Adict A little about yourself: i am a 16 year-old male i like to play tekkit my addiction is EMC Farms the first step to solving a addiction is admitting it
  4. Whitelist app: IGN:RaG3_x_MaStErS Age: 16 What you want to do on the server: build da epic things About you: i am 16 i come from scotland and have been playing tekkit for about 4 months Pictures of previous builds: err sorry i dont have any pics (optional, but will increase your chances of being accepted)
  5. Minecraft Username: RaG3_x_MaStErS Age: 16 Timezone/Country: GMT / Scotland What you plan to do on tekkit: build da awsome things basicaly
  6. Application: ►IGN: RaG3_x_MaStErS ►Age: 16 ►Time Zone: GMT (Greenwich Mean Time: Scotland/UK) ►Time usually on: weekdays: 5/8 PM. weekends: 2/8 PM ►What is geocaching? geocaching is when you hide items over the world in chests and let other people go and find them
  7. Minecraft Username: RaG3_x_MaStErS Age: 16 Have you ever been banned, if so, why?: i found out recently yes i was banned for getting reveng on somone who was griefing me What do you plan to do on the server: build a good house for once play regularly and get good stuffs What is your previous experience with tekkit: my preveus experience is about 3 monthe of playing tekkit and about 5 playing technic
  8. In Game Name: RaG3_x_MaStErS Age: 16 How Long I Have Played With Tekkit: i have played tekkit for about 3 months now Have I Ever Been Banned: i have found out recently yes i have been banned about 3 times to count and that was when i first started minecraft about a year ago i think i have learned since then Why I Would Like To Play On This Server: i would like to jopin this server because i have been looking for a small server to play on and that is friedly and every1 wont go on a PVP rampage
  9. AntzMine i know i have been banned before but i havent been eversince last time i was banned i was on a server and i kept getting griefed i saw who done it and griefed him back ? could you whitelist me i promise that i will not grief ? i am just looking for a good friendly server to play on !
  10. IGN: RaG3_x_MaStErS (sorry for confusingness :3) Age: 16 Skype(optional): rag3.x.masters (i have a mic) Tekkit experience(1-10): i would say i have about 8 in tekkit experience there are a few blocks in the pack that are new and i am still getting to grips with Time Zone: i am in Scotland and i thing that is GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) How much time do you plan on playing per day? well for the next week i wont have much time to play i will be on between 6-9 and will play for a good amount of time but after next week i will be on between 4-9 The build you are most pr
  11. AntzMine what have i been banned for ?? because i havent been baned from a server in a while and if i have i have never done it on a tekkit server could i come on for a trial ?? i am looking for a realy good server to play on ??
  12. AGE:- 16 IGN:- RaG3_x_MaStErS (Sorry for confusingness ) Minecraft/Tekkit experience:- I have played tekkit for about 3 months now but i still consider myself a bit of a noob Extra information is always appreciated:- i live in Scotland i am a friendly person and can be trusted not to grief or exploit i could also help out if you had any problems on the server :D
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