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  1. Whitelist app: IGN: Mynameisak Age: 18 What you want to do on the server: I'd hope to start a steampunk based town, housing some smaller companies. About you: I'm 18, currently living in the UK (Herts) doing an IT course, hoping to go to Uni. I've been playing Minecraft since alpha and Tekkit/Technic not long after it came out. Bit of a steampunk nerd, mainly the industry of it, how everything is showing how everything works (Cogs, Steam engines; not the BC ones , Piping e.g.), and because of this I like automation; so i'll be using mainly the Redpower Mod when playing.
  2. Your Minecraft username. Mynameisak Your age. 18 Your general location in the world (Earth). England Your ideal starting area/biome, and most desired local resource? Slightly Hilly plains next to an ocean (provides the best view in my opinion) and Redstone would be my most desired resource. A general description of your ideal playstyle and any other information about you. My ideal playstyle is to try to use as little of EE as possible (find it too easy) and to use Redpower to its maximum capabilities whilst still building a home (and maybe small town) I can be proud to live in.
  3. IGN: MynameisAK SKYPE: Wont be giving out until I've had some time to play on the server, meet some people and integrate into the community xD AGE: 18 GENDER: Male WHY DO YOU WANT TO JOIN: I usually look for severs which have completely removed EE, however I'm currently looking for one which has EE enabled (I'd hope to use it to make a large town and without it making all those stone bricks would be a nightmare) which is also reasonably new (allows me to be one of the first members and get started before others xD). And this server seemed to tick the right boxes when I
  4. 1.) How old are you? (12 and over) 18 2.) How long have you been playing tekkit? 4-5 months 3.) Have you ever been banned? If so, why? Nope 4.) What do you plan to do on this server? (Build, PvP, Etc.) Hope to create a small social town based around trade and using Redpower/Computercraft 5.) What is your IGN? mynameisAK 6.) How often can you play on the server? Daily
  5. IGN: MynameisAK Age: 18 Location (country): United Kingdom Have you read and agree to the rules: Yes Have you played Tekkit before?: I have indeed ^.^ Have you signed up on our forums/website (not required to!)?: Not yet, I would like to see the server before creating an account on your forums ( Which If I am white-listed, It should only take me about 3 minutes to confirm my suspicions this is a good friendly server ^-^ ) Edit: Was writing my post as the person above was, just seen it and my application seems so... Small. I may re-write even if I'm to be whitelisted xD
  6. What RP Machine would you use to pull the item out of the Crafting table MK II though? I've tried a Transposer, but it does nothing...
  7. So, some guy started using a RM furnace and cheated his way to get unlimited RM blocks and such... Day wasted...
  8. Hey, anyone want to give hints about how to get Soul Sand xD
  9. Doesnt help, I have MIcrosoft Security Essentials and I have the same problem
  10. I suggest Haven, Tekkit revolution is cramped, overcrowded and who wants to live on an island anyway. (Wuv you nolan <3 )
  11. IGN - MynameisAK Age - 18 Have you ever been banned? Why? Nope Experience with Tekkit? Not much with multiple players, however I did play on one server with friends for around 3 months Why do you want on the server? I like Tekkit xD Lots of EE is disabled. Are you alright with this? Yeah, sorta. I was hoping to set up a power plant to provide people with free electric, but it requires the Condenser to make it run without spending hours finding Tin... But eh xD Ill make it work
  12. Name: mynameisAK IRL Name: Alex Age: 18 Do you wish to join Anyon (starting town): I would prefer to venture out, creating a company based around trading minerals and selling power. Have you played IC2 or buildcraft? I have indeed xD. what is the purpose of a macerator? The macerator is a machine, when refering to IC II, that crushes certain items that are put into it (each with their own unique result, whether that's; metal dusts, coal dust, flint e.g). Recommendations(if you been invited): I saw this on the front page of Whitelisted Tekkit servers not long ago and tho
  13. You'll have competition with LavaCo ON another note, Remz you said there would be a mass server restart (which would last 10 mins), its been longer and I am getting withdrawal symptoms :P
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